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connecting rush as port easly(tutorial)

  1. ripz420

    ripz420 Member

    this is my first tutorial but this really helped me out after 3 days of just trying to get cdma work shop to read my phone so i hope it can help someone else out.


    step 1: if you have not done so already download necessary samsung drivers for this device.

    step 2: open google play store and install launcher pro.

    step 3: press your menu button and select wedges on top left should say apps/wedges.

    step 4: press and hold icon for launcher pro this will take it to the home screen drop it and it will bring up a list.

    step 5: scroll down and press phoneuti a drop down menu will show click the second phoneuti from the drop menu this will put an icon on your home screen.

    step 6: repeat step 3-5 except click the 5th phoneuti from the drop menu.

    step 7: on home screen click the first phoneuti (from step 5) this will have a qualcomm button click and change to modem (the last option) click save.

    step 8: go to home screen click 2nd phoneuti it will come up the option uart or usb choose usb.

    **note** sometimes you may have to try the different phoneuti menus but these are what worked on mine and my cousins rush the best way to tell is to open device manager and when the drivers install it will come up as a port

    your rush is now ready to be read by cdma ws, qpst, dfs, etc....

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  2. monticello

    monticello Well-Known Member

    Just got a rush and havent opened yet,but when i do where do i get the drivers? Thank you in advance!
  3. monticello

    monticello Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I found them. Guess i was more tired than i thought.

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