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  1. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    I went with a Macbook air as my new computer. Still a windows guys but thats besides the point.

    2weeks ago "android file transfer" worked for me.

    Rooted the SGN via OSX, then file transfer wouldnt work.

    turned on usb debugging and i was able to get the ROM i wanted on my phone.

    Now i cant get anything to connect.

    Please help, i searched and found other software that does this but doesnt support the latest Mac mountain lion.

  2. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    update? kept opening and closing the program. it would be "not responding" and i just got it to work. But i disconnected and reconnected and it no longer works.
  3. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    this happens sometimes to me. I have an MBA and an MBP. Try rebooting the MBA. then just plug your phone in once you log in. AFT should automatically pop up.

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