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Connecting/syncing with New PC StudioSupport

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  1. iantresman

    iantresman Member

    1. I'm having problems getting the New PC Studio (NPS, v1.5.1.10064_2, AKA Kies) with PC Sync, connecting and syncing with my phone. In the Phonebook, when I click the Sync button, I get an error message "No sync target selected. Go to Sync Setup > Select Target". On clicking OK, a screen then appears "Sync Settings" (Sync Setup?), with a tab "Target Settings", but there are no phones listed.

    2. On the main Samsung New PC Studio screen, there is a mobile phone icon in the top-right corner with the caption "Connect Mobile Phone". But if I hover the cursor over it, a pop-up says "Mobile phone has been connect". This is ambiguous. Is it connected, or do I still need to connect?

    3. Beneath the Mobile phone icon, is an SD Memory card icon, showing as Drive O: Clicking on it displays directories "Android", "Layar" etc. This seems to suggest the phone is connected.

    4. During installation of New PC Studio, the software tried to configure MS Outlook, which I cancelled as I don't use it. Is it compulsory? I can find no documentation.

    5. The "New PC Studio" Quick Guide (See the NPS Tutorial button), after skipping the splash screen, has a section "Starting New PC Studio" and then "Connecting a mobile phone to a PC", which suggests that after plugging-in the USB cable to the phone, the phone will show "Comm Mode Select" with an option to choose "PC Studio". It does not.

    Instead, there is a notification message at the top of the phone's screen indicating "USB Connected", and on dragging down the notification log, there is an entry "USB Connected: Select to copy files to/from your computer". After selecting it, a message pops up with the option to Mount, selecting which shows a message "Turn off USB Storage". I don't think this is a command, but an option to Dismount. I think this is consistent with Android User Guide 2.2 in the section "Connecting to a computer via USB" (page 56). I can't find a Guide of v.2.1.

    5. In the system tray, New PC Studio (NPS) has an option "Open New PC Studio automatically when the device is connected". This never happens, and I have to launch NPS manually, which suggests the phone is connected, and the SD card accessible.

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Portal GT-I5700 (AKA Galaxy Lite, AKA Galaxy Spica), on the Three network with Android 2.1.

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  2. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Forget Kies/NPS. They're buggy cumbersome and full of bloatware.

    If you want to edit your contacts/calendar, then sync your phone contacts and calendar with your Gmail account. Log into your gmail account from your PC and edit them there. Remember to change your mobile phone contact numbers to Type mobile. Then sync these back to your phone.

    If you wish browse the contents of your SD card, mount the card and browse it from your PC as a remote drive.

    Don't expect the latest firmware update to be made available via Kies/NPS.
    Take the odin route to updating your firmware, and do it yourself.
  3. iantresman

    iantresman Member

    Thanks for that, good advice. Any idea how I might send SMS text messages from my computer, via the phone, so I can use a real keyboard?
  4. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Use a bluetooth keyboard and sync it to your phone? I never tried that, just saying may be possible.

    I know you can sync phones to PC's via built in bluetooth or dongles. Previoulsy I composed SMS on my PC with my old Nokia phone, but I think that was with the Nokia Suite (Which actually worked!!)

    Perhaps there are bluetooth apps for PC out there. Or even using the phones USB connection to PC.

    If only Samsung would get the bloody KIES sorted!!
  5. iantresman

    iantresman Member

    Interesting, so a bluetooth remote control that will let me control the phone from the PC.

    I see there are apps that let me control a PC with a phone (eg. Gmote), just have one that works the other way around.

    ... just found a useful thread: "Remote Control my phone" which I think offers solutions.

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