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  1. JohnB47

    JohnB47 Well-Known Member


    I believe you can connect the tab to a docking station and then use a mini jack-to-Din lead to connect it to a hi-fi amplifier or set of amplified speakers.

    I don't have a docking station (yet) but on that basis I tried connecting the tab to my hi fi using a combination of the supplied charging/PC connecting lead and a usb-to-din lead. This one:

    1m 3 x RCA Phono to USB Cable AV Audio Video Lead | eBay

    But it doesn't work (at least when I'm listening to a radio station using TuneIn).

    Any ideas how I could get this working? Are the leads not correct or is there something else I need to do to get the tab to output sound? Perhaps the supplied charging/PC connecting lead doesn't transfer audio signals?


  2. EvanCaerleon

    EvanCaerleon Active Member

    The USB end then is for a 'USB-enabled' (hard-wired) device. This suggests that the device is looking for analog signals over a 'USB' port :)

    Not sure if audio out is available from USB (digital data) without the input device expecting that type of signal John

    There's a headphone output I think on the tablet (on PC here) and also audio is available from the HDMI output (via yet another adaptor)

    I'm currently hanging on the phone to Samsung 'Where's the money?' Cashback support so I may be some time :) but it's an interesting thread
  3. JohnB47

    JohnB47 Well-Known Member

    Ah - another topic but even more interesting! I too am waiting for my
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Another option is to use the OTG capabilities and use a DAC connected to the Note and from the DAC to amp.
  5. jonrud

    jonrud Well-Known Member

    Hi have you thought about bluetooth I have a logitec bluetooth adapter which connects to my speakers then I connect the note via bluetooth. You can put the note where ever you like as long as you are within 10 mtrs of the adapter. And no cables trailing around.
  6. JohnB47

    JohnB47 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys.

    That little bluetooth gizmo looks impressive. I might go for one of those.


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