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  1. dmarticsek

    dmarticsek New Member

    I am not professional user, and write this kind of question first time.

    I have HTC Hero, 2.1-update 1, and windows 7 Pro on Lenovo Thikpad T410.

    I want to connect to internet through Connectify (2.1.1) but I can not, Hero is always just obtain address, but never connects.

    Can anybody help me, do I have to do anything with advanced settings on hero, or enything else?


  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Looking at the Connectify web site, it appears that only the supported devices listed here will allow AP mode, which is what you want. Any other device will only operate in Ad-Hoc mode, which the Hero doesn't support iirc. I suggest double-checking that your laptop contains one of the supported wireless chipsets.
  3. dmarticsek

    dmarticsek New Member

    Hi, thanks, after few months :)
    AP mode is OK, but I still can't connect
    Can you help me?

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