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Connecting to Kies after installing new Mac OS XSupport

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  1. PrettyinPurple

    PrettyinPurple New Member

    Hi, I just downloaded the new version of MAC os x for my mac computer. Before I did this Kies was working fine... Now it wont work at all.

    I uninstalled Kies and was going to reinstall it but it won't let me... now I have no way of connecting my Samsung Phone... any suggestions?

  2. acadialover

    acadialover Member

    I think people use drop box.
    I am no expert. won't upgrade to Lion, but am keeping snow leopard because the guys at the apple store said there wasn't much difference, and that with SL I can still plug my phone in and upload right into iphoto. Good. Luck . I didnt have many people on this forum who could help me trying to do the same thing. Love my mac computers, but didn't really like the iphone 42, especially compared to the samsung ! Good luck,
  3. murrayalex

    murrayalex Active Member

    That Android File Transfer app on the mac doesn't seem to recognise the S4 on my MB Air, worked fine with my Sony Xperia Z and previous Android phones. I'm loathe to use Kies as it is an appalling bit of memory hogging software...:(
  4. Canesfan

    Canesfan Well-Known Member

    I'm using AirDroid successfully to transfer pictures, etc. between my Samsung GS4 and Mac with Mountain Lion OS.

    I had the same issue with the android phone not being recognized by the Mac when plugged in with a USB when trying to use Android File Transfer App., Kies and Easy Phone Sync.
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  5. murrayalex

    murrayalex Active Member

    Thanks fr that info, I will try that app today.
  6. driffty66

    driffty66 Active Member

    wow,thank you canesfan,put droidair on my phone this morning.best thing ive come across in a long time.love it.

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