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    ATOJAR Well-Known Member

    Guys ive had my device for around a week, Twice now ive tried to connect to Kies, Both times all kies ever says is "Connecting" .... This is all i ever get regardless of how long i leave it, Anybody have any ideas why? What am i doing wrong?


  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    The Nexus doesn't use Kies to connect to a pc, just as a mass storage device. As far as I know, only Touchwiz Samsung phones use Kies. What exactly are you trying to do?

    ATOJAR Well-Known Member

    oh really? that will be why it don't connect then! lol. I was wanting to backup my device, just if anything goes wrong I could restore my phone back to exactly as it was. so how does one go about backing up the nexus?
  4. mb.8008

    mb.8008 Member

    i faced the same problem, any help !
  5. heat57

    heat57 Well-Known Member

    Hi to you and ATOJAR. First off, dreadnatty08 is perfectly right, there is no Kies for the Nexus range, including the Galaxy Nexus. The transfer protocol it (Gnex) uses to communicate with Windows (I assume your're running Windows of some sort) is either MTP or PTP - the former enables you to drag and drop any file type between your Gnex and Windows (Windows Explorer will see the Gnex as a media drive) and the latter is like a traditional camera storage card (in this case you can only transfer media files between Windows and Gnex).
    Now, if you want to safe any data or indeed the entire device software (OS + data) then you have 3 choices to achieve either all of it or partially.
    1. Keep your device on the Stock ROM without root - well, you'll be limited to a backup of your downloaded apps, some app data and not much else.
    2. Keep the device on Stock ROM, unlcok the bootloader and root - in this case you can flash a custom recovery and make what's called a nandroid backup, which is akin to a full Windows image backup and therefore covers everything including system, apps and associated data.
    3. Unlock bootloader, root and install a custom ROM - well, here the world is your oyster. It would take a long time to go through all the options but if you are prepared to read and investigate on this forum you will find plenty of threads in connection witrh "All things Root". They are varied and many have excellent instruction to achieve your end-goal.
    In my case, I have now taken around 6 weeks to get to grips with rooting abnd tried around 6 custom ROM's and have ended up with all my devices being rooted but only 1 out of 4 being on a custom ROM the rest are on stock but all being rooted. I just want to say that it is entirely your choice - this is Android.

    P.S. I should add that the moderator "Scary Alien" has excellent advice for Galaxy Nexus users and a fabulous little tool that comes in very handy.
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