Connecting to web portal-based wifi network?Support

  1. compscidev

    compscidev Well-Known Member

    At my college we have this annoying web based login and my android phone doesn't like it. It connects easily but when I go to either browser or opera mobile it doesn't load the login page the browser still thinks it has no connection. Is there anyway to approach this in a better way or bypass the login or at least save it to automatically do it each time.
    I need a wifi connection! every building has it. annoying this is once you move to a different building the settings are changed(probably because of the routers) and I have to redo it. of course it never works

  2. compscidev

    compscidev Well-Known Member

    no ones knows am I stuck without wifi forever!
  3. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Try the Dolphin browser. If that doesn't work, you could try the Firefox beta.
  4. joegrano2010

    joegrano2010 Member

    It is an Android problem that persists through to version 2.3.4 There is no browser or setting in any of the myriads of browsers, which will enable an Android platform to access certain login/password pages. I have an HTC G2 running current stock 2.3.4 and still have this problem. There are no solutions or answers and one gets the feeling that someone is busy deleting any mentions of this issue from existence. On the many websites you can find where someone has asked similar questions, there is never an actual solution or solid answer. Sorry.I know this answer was never found out and it is a year later and the same problem persists. I am still asking for help.

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