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Connecting to WiFiSupport

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  1. cats_five

    cats_five Member

    I got my WAP this morning and set it up, including a long password - 16 characters.

    My laptop could connect perfectly well, but not the Nexus. It showed the SSID but when I put in the password the wifi icon vanished and it said 'Out of Range' which I certainly am not - I'm sat right next to the WAP. I went through 'Forget' and re-entering the password several times to no avail.

    I removed the security and can connect with no problem but obviously that's not a long-term solution.

    Is there a limit on the length fo the password in Android? Or some other strange problem I'm not aware of, that isn't an issue for the PC?

    I'm using the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security - at least the PC is/was.

  2. cats_five

    cats_five Member

    Hmmm.... Set the WAP back to it's default password and can connect now. What puzzles me is if I put the wrong password in, 'Out of range' is a very strange error message to give it that is what was the issue.

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