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  1. tsrm90

    tsrm90 New Member

    I bought a LAN to USB adapter (by ENTER, Costs 450/-* MRP) .. I checked it at the shop using their net connection, which was in PPPoe mode(Doesnot need a dialer). It was working.

    At my home I have Broadband in Bridged mode. So I have to create a dialup connection dial to connect to net. So when I use the adapter at home cannot connect to net.
    Anyone know how to get bridged to get working on a Tablet? I am using bridged because I can keep my modem on and can connect to net quickly when needed. If there is no other way I will switch to PPPoe mode. But don't advice to "buy a modem with wifi" etc..

  2. vicky95

    vicky95 Member

    First of all tell me what lan to usb adapter bought nd is it Rj-45 adapter

    nd if yes then you must be running on android 4.0.3 if not here's the link

    " "

    nd then flash to this rom using live suit nd proper usb drivers if you need them then i will give it to you

    nd then go to settings->more(below data usage)->Ethernet->nd then check the box use ethernet

    nd then go to advance and then connect....

    nd to run internet open browser then type your modem address if its not changed then it must be username and password will be admin admin unless you changed them

    nd then there find connect in each nd every pane if you can't find them take a photo of the main page of your modem nd then show it to me....

    nd if any problem tell me

    IF I helped press Thanks....
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  3. tsrm90

    tsrm90 New Member

    Thanks for the help, But I was hoping to hold on to the stock rom , atleast till the warranty is done. I really believe I will have to send some parts for replacement.
  4. revanthchdg

    revanthchdg Active Member

    Just Change your Modem to PPP Over Ethernet(PPPOE) mode and connect Ethernet cable of your modem and in settings enable Ethernet, it can work in stock ROM as well, no issues!!

    You cannot connect in bridged mode though!!
  5. jazzzzzzz

    jazzzzzzz Member

    For me too its workig well in PPPoe mode ....i can surf net without the need of any drivers and all
  6. saipras

    saipras New Member

    I have connect my Funbook thru Wifi by creating a Hotspot on my laptop, but when i access, the internet is still not connecting......
  7. dscscd

    dscscd New Member

    ANd after that in the bsnl router page from, select Setup, under that select WAN and select PPPoE in that and add a account giving username, password and follow the steps accordingly. After that Save the settings and reboot the tab. wait for atleast an hour or so, or try next day, just eanbaling the Ehternet on the tab and select browser and type you will get it. I got it that way after 3 days of trying multiple ways.

    You have to use IP address, subnet mask, Gateway as to configure ethernet for BSNL broadband.


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