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  1. pstuverud

    pstuverud New Member

    My new Ace 2 running on AT&T network occasionally drops both data and voice connections, even in strong signal areas. When this happens it does not automatically re-connect. I have to manually power-off-on to get the connections back. Shouldn't the phone do this on its own? Could this be a defect in my phone?

  2. MarKo9

    MarKo9 Active Member

    Never had this issue. Try to do factory reset..
  3. pstuverud

    pstuverud New Member

    I've done a factory reset & still have the problem. Actually it's now worse. It now happens more than twice a day, making the phone almost useless. I tried moving the SIM card to another phone & it works fine there, so it must be the Ace 2 that has the problem.

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