Connection issues after Rooting

  1. phoomp

    phoomp New Member

    I rooted my xperia arc this evening with the zergrush method (instructions at addictivetips). Now, I'm encountering connection issues:
    - Google Play says "No connection. Retry"
    - Google Plus says "Can't load data. Check your connection"
    - Browsers (Browser, Dolphin, Boat, FF) work. Though, initially, Browser said "Please access from your computer's web browser to get correct settings" and then "(Error) WiFi Detected. We are unable to authenticate you as you are not currently on the Rogers or Fido Mobile Networks. Please disable your WiFi connection and launch your browser to try again"

    Other apps not working:
    - Path
    - Facebook
    - Maps (though, it works in Poynt)
    - Netflix

    Other apps that ARE working
    - flickr
    - Instagram
    - Rdio
    - Poynt

    Any thoughts?

  2. phoomp

    phoomp New Member

    Hmmm ... stuck in the original SIM ... that appeared to do the trick.

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