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  1. tinasaurusrex

    tinasaurusrex New Member

    for christmas my sister & i both got the acer a500 tablet.
    i've usually been the more tech savvy one out of the both of us but now i cant even manage with our current issue...

    my sister has the t mobil broadband usb stick.
    its the 3G rocket.
    she's had it for a while & she uses it perfectly fine on her hp laptop,
    she was having problem connceting it to the tablet so i decided to take a stab at it...but no go.

    the broadband turns on as soon as its plugged it...
    the tablet isnt even reading it,its not picking it up or anything,so now i dont know what to do.i've googled the hell out of as many different topics as i can think of,which kept leading me here...
    so can anyone help me out? :)
    please & thank you.

  2. wthomas50

    wthomas50 New Member

    Not sure but I don't think that it will work on Android OS. Would be best to check with T mobile.
  3. MahaloCat

    MahaloCat Well-Known Member

    This won't work Stock -
    Thor has a Tweak in his ROMS allowing you to use a 3G dongle.

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