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Connection JAVA and HTML/CSS/AS

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  1. Hartaine

    Hartaine New Member


    I need some help.
    Im trying to make my first real app.
    My problem is that I made the style in Dreamweaver 5.5, where I used HTML/CSS and then I made some buttons in Eclipse where I used JAVA.
    The buttons are used to open some games apps Im making to. But I want to be able to open the games through the app I made in Dreamweaver and not as a normal game with a icon on the telephone.
    All of that is working now with the use of intents in JAVA, but I have no idear how to combine the to programs into 1 app.
    Think I have to make some kind of webintent where I use JavaScribt to combine the app but dont know how to.

    Hope you understand what I mean as I'm not very good at writing in English. But in shot I want to take the buttons and its metheds I made in Eclipse and add them to my design from Dreamweaver.

    Hope there are someone who can help me as I've been stuck here for a while now



  2. Tramontana

    Tramontana Active Member

    I know it's possible to get Java and Javascript to communicate with each other. I saw it in a book somewhere, which I've lent to someone but I can't remember who. I believe some kind of service may be involved.
  3. Kostas G

    Kostas G Active Member

  4. Hartaine

    Hartaine New Member

    Thanks Kostas, I will have a look at it.

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