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  1. shaners

    shaners New Member

    So I got this phone back in March. Never had problems with it besides battery life and some lagg here and there. So in August my connection went completely out. It would do that, but only for a couple seconds and it would be where I wouldn't get a good connection then I'd get the 4g symbol. But this time it stayed off. No 1x or anything. When I got back home, probably 4 days after my connection went out, I called metro customer support and told them everything. They reset my phone or something and it still didn't work. I called *228 and updated my roaming list or whatever(which used to work when I would be somewhere and would only get 1x) but not this time. I seriously did that about 50 times and called metro and had them reset my phone about 8 times. So they filled a trouble ticket which they never told me if it was a problem with a tower or if it was my phone. I finally took it to a metro store about a month after this all started and the Guy that worked there was a n00b. He knew as much about phones as much as I do(not that much) he assumed I rooted my phone which I never have. He went to my wireless and network settings and said something about not having the data enabled option so I rooted it. Which I didn't. I bought the phone brand new. So one day I accidently turned on airplane mode and when I turned it off I got 3g. Its never gone passed that. It will go to 3Gd and drop to 1x or back to 3G. I was looking through my phones "about phone" and it says That LTE is unknown. My cdma says something ill have to check what, but it doesn't say unknown. Could this be the problem with my connection not getting 4G? When I bought the phone I didn't get insurance <.< and I doubt its water damage. I hope someone could help I've searched forum after forum for 2 months

  2. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear what's been happening to you. Sounds horrible!
    As for the guy telling you your phone must be rooted, make sure you go to another location, and that they can verify you aren't rooted. Explain everything to them and make sure they don't have you in the system as "rooted" - A corporate store would probably be better.
    Why do that? Because there's a "rooted device" flag on the metroPCS customer info page that if it is checked for your account may compel them to deny to help you, and you don't want that unfairly. (It's not that big a deal to me, cause I can hold my own, but rooting voids your warranty, and you don't wanna have to deal with that if it's not necessary to).
    If you got it in March, you should still have some warranty on it, so it's worth it to wrestle with them over this.

    As for the LTE unknown problem, try the solutions in listed here:
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  3. shaners

    shaners New Member

    Ok thanks for the help. The only problem about the corporate store is that its a 40 minute drive xD and I don't have my own car so I'm SOL. Ill look at what you told me and let you know if it works :)
  4. shaners

    shaners New Member

    I don't want to root my phone just to fix this problem and it end up not even working :l wish I could know what's exactly causing me not to get 4g and why lte is unknown :l oh well I might just invest in a better phone.
  5. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    Go into factory recovery and factory reset the phone reboot then repeat one more time, after tht go into your settings menu and reset through there, I knw its a long shot but thts what I did before sending in my phone for the Connect and it got my lte back.
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