Connection problem or invalid MMI Code.

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  1. AndymanSE8

    AndymanSE8 New Member


    I just got my HTC Wildfire Pay As You Go on O2 this morning. At first I was able to see my credit balance but now every time I check it keeps saying, "Connection problem or invalid MMI Code.". I am unable to send or receive calls and text messages. When calling, it beeps once and hangs up and when someone tries to call me it redirects to voice mail.



  2. AndymanSE8

    AndymanSE8 New Member

  3. casperjones

    casperjones Member

    Same problem but it seems to have just started. 02 and t-mobile networks.
  4. cnacna

    cnacna New Member

    i have problem with speed dial shows connection problem /mmi code error
  5. maretele

    maretele New Member

    Connection problem or invalid MMI Code.

    How do i get a valid MMI CODE, i have the same error message on the HTC Legend?

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