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  1. droiderer

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    Everytime your conquer runs out of battery, there is a certain chance it will not have enough battery to boot again.

    Unless you have a SPARE battery, (I am fortunate enough to have two conquers, so I can swatch batteries at will) the phone will simply be 'dead'

    It will not charge, or even boot, while plugged into either a computer USB outlet, or the stock charger.

    My phone died due to the battery dying. Nothing new, but when I plugged it in to charge, it would not turn on like normal (automatically, into charging mode). When I pressed power, nothing. But, when I switched it out with ANOTHER conquer 4g battery of identical make it would power into charging mode like normal. Hmm.

    What would the second conquer do, the one with the battery that suddenly refused to work properly? Well. The second phone simply didn't work, either.

    The battery was so drained, it would not even boot to charge. To make things clear, the 'first' battery, the one that when in use prevented the phone from even entering into charge mode stopped working. If that battery was in either phone, the phone it was in would not work.

    Nothing unusual happened, there were no problems beforehand. The battery simply died due to a long period of no charging, and when I tried to charge it for a few hours it resulted in a whole lot of nothing for a few hours.

    What the hell? You can't even turn the phone on when it's plugged into an outlet? I can switch the battery and suddenly the phone will start to charge and turn on?

    Bull. I probably shouldn't be as mad as I am, seeing as I can still use my phone, but if I did not happen to be in the position of having two samsung 4g conquers, I would be SCREWED.

    This battery did not die in any unusual way, it has endured only a few weeks of use, and it died because of normal use (idling and talk-time, nothing more).

    Please, do not consider saving some cash to get this droid. Get something else that won't quit on you and require you to buy a new battery or go phone-less while your carrier replaces the battery.

    If what I'm saying isn't clear

    The battery died while idling, and when plugged back into a charger, it would NOT turn on, even after several hours. However, when I put a different battery in (that was also 'dead') the phone had no qualms about doing what it was supposed to and going into charge mode, which let me boot it into regular mode.

    Both phones were rooted, both died while idling. However, if you had battery A in either phone, it would not boot, but battery B would.

    The battery that is now 'non functional' never had any quirks, and I do not believe it to be malfunctioning. I think it is more likely the phone simply requires the battery to have at least a LITTLE juice in it to function, even if it is plugged into a functional power source.



    It could be a Battery short my guess, I have never had that problem with my Conquer. Infact my battery can last 2-4 days and not be dead, and when it is it has about 3-7 of battery life to boot with. But the Stock charger it came with does not work hardly at all.
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    Have you tried using an external charger? This fixes the same problem with the EVO
    This happens when the battery gets too low. Having a more battery efficient ROM won't solve the problem.
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    Everyone has a voice in any of the forums. That's what makes this place great. If owners of this device have a question they are more than welcome to post it up at any time and the AF community will do what it can to help.

    There are many reasons a forum slows down. Lack of development, lack of sales, old age, ect.

    Naturally the forum slows down when people upgrade and move on to newer devices. Such is the norm for technology. Especially so in mobile technology.
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    So I'm running into a issue with the battery for my samsung conquer. I currently don't have another battery for it seeing as my husband is using it in his conquer. What do I do? I need some help here!!!! :confused:
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    Take your Conquer battery to a battery store. Where I live we have Interstate Battery. If it has been idle for a length of time, it may be in sleep mode. They can "shock" or "jump" it, and then plug it in to see if it shows actively charging.

    Without the "jump", it will simply not even turn on. Most cell phone stores are not aware that this occurs. The battery stores are since batteries are their business.

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