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Considering buying the Asus InfinityGeneral

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  1. carlito77

    carlito77 Member

    Hi Guys,

    Been debating whether I should get a new tablet PC, specifically the Asus Infinity. However, some argue about the practical use for a tablet. I just want to ask those of you who have tablet PCs, other than games, what do you use it for? What apps are available? Any advantages or disadvantages over a laptop?

  2. trharris78

    trharris78 Member

    I was one of those that argued about the practicality of a tablet... I sit at a desktop PC all the time and when I'm not there I have an Android phone. I didn't see the need for something that's kind of halfway between the two.

    But I wanted a new toy, so I got the Infinity last week. It's been hard to put it down ever since... it's just nice to lay back in the recliner and have the thing handy to surf the web or type an email. They keyboard dock makes it so much better... it's basically like having a tiny but functional laptop. Another huge benefit of a tablet is that its battery life can be much longer than a laptop, especially the tablet/dock combination.
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  3. Kookas

    Kookas Well-Known Member

    Could you type an essay or finish off writing a long document on it if you were away from your desktop? Or is the keyboard too small? Even though I am a quick typist I'm worried if it might be too hard to type without making a mistake every few words.
  4. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    I use a Bluetooth keyboard with mine, not the regular dock. With that you could easily do some 'serious' typing. I wouldn't even consider doing something like that with any of the on-screen keyboards I've tried. Yes, it's just a bit smaller than my PC keyboard, but it's completely workable.
  5. Surelee

    Surelee Member

    You can go to Google Play and look at the available apps there. https://play.google.com/store/apps?feature=corpus_selector

    That will give an an idea of what you might be interested in. I have a 7" tablet installed in the dash of my car. My car stereo has bluetooth so I use my cell phone (rooted) as a wi-fi hotspot and I can listen to Pandora via bluetooth from the tablet through the car stereo. I could use the GPS also but haven't tried that one since my stereo has built in GPS.
    I use my Infinity laying in bed or sometimes when I go out to breakfast. Easier and lighter to lug around than a laptop. The 10" screen is big enough for me to surf the web. I don't do gaming with it. I prefer my PC for that.
  6. trharris78

    trharris78 Member

    I've typed a few longer emails with it already... it's no desktop keyboard but it's fairly comfortable. Feels kinda like any other smaller laptop.

    One minor gripe, though... They put a screen lock button right above the backspace. I'm a fairly quick typist myself, but I tend to make a lot of mistakes. There have been a few times I swatted at the backspace by reflex and hit the lock by mistake.

    Other than that, the keyboard dock is a huge improvement over any screen keyboards mainly in that you can feel what keys you're on as you type. Plus it's got a bunch of other handy keys, like a back key, home key, wifi on/off, etc.
  7. snuggles

    snuggles Well-Known Member

    I've had a couple of crashes with the infinity, once on a Google search and the other trying to play a game.

    Its not as smooth as the ipad or stable in my opinion but I hope that changes with future updates. It's a great tablet but I am a little disappointed because this was supposed to be the refined version of the TF200. I would definitely still buy it again, maybe my standards are set extremely high.
  8. mgullick

    mgullick Active Member

    Nobody NEEDS a tablet. I don't NEED one. I did go ahead and order the TF700T (32GB model) in gray. It should hit the store next Tuesday. My wife has an iPad and is using it all the time. I'm really tired of trying to see stuff on my DINC2 - the screen is just too small for a lot of things with my old eyes. I don't want to get up and go down the hall to the computer to look up stuff. I want the tablet because it will be a cool TOY and will be useful for a lot of stuff that I don't "need" to do but that I "want" to do.

    I could get an iPad like my wife has (her boss gave it to her for Christmas - along with a $1k bonus) but I don't like having to do things the IOS way. I'm hoping that I'll like the Android tablet better.
  9. pucrepeap

    pucrepeap Well-Known Member

    Should you be worried about all these gifts from your bosses wife?
  10. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    did you get the dock as well? that alone really makes the tablet that more enjoyable. it is something that the ipad does not have. all the keyboard thinggs out for the ipad sucks. this dock is amazing.

    enjoy your new toy. i am:D
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  11. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I have to agree. The dock really does complete it and it's a breeze to detach it if you want to read an e-book or something.

    I was surprised on how the keyboard is able to control the tablet, too. Adjusting brightness, wifi, bluetooth, browsers, etc just from the keyboard is nice.
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  12. mrtrumpet

    mrtrumpet Member

    I have a tf 201. It is as bad as some have mentioned. I would be very careful in purchasing any Asus product. Buy it locally. make sure the return policy covers a return for any reason, preferably with no restocking charge. If you have any problems with the device within the return period DO NOT assume Asus will fix them.They may likely be something you will have to live with. Instead return your device.Maybe try a another, or wait for a better Android tablet. But that may be a while...
  13. gmermel

    gmermel Well-Known Member

    I am sure the reports of glitches/crashes etc. are accurate. But those that have had them are "infinitely" more motivated to post. They are also likely to spend more time on the forum in the first place looking for solutions and advice.

    My Infinity has been perfect since I got it 3 weeks ago. I've had an app crash a couple of times (Opera, and it was during the same boot session).

    The only negative is scrolling is "ratchety", moreso than the iPad. As the screen rolls along the text moves by miniscule "jumps" along rather than "flows". That seems an Android problem, not Asus, because the phones also are less smooth than the iPhone as well.

    This is a purely "cosmetic" issue. I don't think anyone actually reads the text WHILE it's scrolling along.

    From a 20 year Apple veteran and advocate, this is the only advantage I have found in their mobile devices.

    It pales to insignificance relative to actual functionality.

    An obvious example is that on the iPhone, one cannot place a "one-touch speeddial" on the homescreen. As I have told family members that stick their iPhones in my face, it is an effing phone.

    Can you tell I love my Infinity?
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  14. mrtrumpet

    mrtrumpet Member

    You know, the more I read these forums, the more I'm convinced Asus DOES post positive comments here to throw people off. Not only do we find kudos for the Infinity here (my post was on the TF201, but we have an echo chambe right after it. "Thank you for this useful post." Huh? How is an opinion any more useful than another?

    And, one more thing, could you please provide the source for this statment:
    >>But those that have had them are "infinitely" more motivated to post. They are also likely to spend more time on the forum in the first place looking for solutions and advice.<<

    Oh wait, is that an opinion too?

  15. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    The "thanks" system is opinion-based. We all have access to the button, and we decide when something is useful or deserves a thanks. In the end, it's another opinion.

    In this situation, the thanked post echos many across these forums for multiple devices. So much so that it's become common knowledge for those of us who help others that people posting to complain about problems far outweigh people who are happy with their devices. The happy campers have less reason to come online and search for their product because they aren't looking for help.

    Why do you assume that when someone posts a positive comment about an ASUS product that they must be a representative of the company? It would be like me claiming you work for some competitor company, say, Acer, and you only post negative things about the Prime to smear your competition. See how crazy that sounds when the tables are turned?

    We got your point about your poor experience with ASUS, but please don't attack those who might post in counterpoint.
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  16. pucrepeap

    pucrepeap Well-Known Member

    Not finding what you need here, go check out any other number of forums on the infinity. Android Central, TransformerForums, XDA-developers, heck even Amazon will give you some feedback. Are ASUS employees just trolling all of those boards posting thousands of positive comments.

    I also agree that people with negative experiences are more likely to post there complaints over people that have no issues. So the mostly positive comments coming from the community is even more impressive given this fact about any product review.
  17. mrtrumpet

    mrtrumpet Member

    Love getting fanboys going.

    People with negative posts may or may not be more likely to post. If so, then how do you account for the "thousands of positive comments" you reference.

    The simple fact is Asus had/has manufacturing problems with the TF 201. Yes, I am a prime example of their shoddy build and engineering quality. But now there are indications that the Nexus 7 has problems. To me that indicates the manufacturer may have bigger problems than just one model.

    So, those of us who populate these boards with contrary opinions, and then often find themselves flamed by contrarian posters are actually performing a valuable public service.

    My original post indicated I had problems, and advised the potential purchaser to make sure he/she had a decent return policy and not to hesitate to return it if he/she had problems. I'm sorry if others perceive that as bashing, but it is what it is. And I will continue to warn people to be careful when purchasing Asus product based on my experience and the news abou their other manufacturing issues.
  18. pucrepeap

    pucrepeap Well-Known Member

    It's not just with Asus. It's not just with tablets or electronics. It's with everything. People are more likely to voice concerns about a product than they would praise a product.

    The positive feedback is that much more impressive because you are less likely to hear it.

    The truth is there is no product out there that is absolutely perfect, absolutely 100% of the time. The infinity has it's fair share of complaints, but not any more than the next product. And those complaints are actually few and far between. Take a step back and realize that your problem is YOUR problem. Not that of everyone else.
  19. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    Like I said before, your point is noted. It is a valid one, but others are entitled to their opinion too.

    You obviously didn't get my point earlier about not attacking other users of this forums. No need to call anyone fanboys.

    I re-read gmermel's and pucrepeap's post, and not once did they attack you. People who are having good experiences with their ASUS product are just as entitled to post their good experiences. I've seen a range of problems reported here (including from pucrepeap), but so far, none of them appear to be universal. Several people have posted that they love their device and have no issue whatsoever.

    You are entitled to 'bash' (in your own words) ASUS here on the forums, as we are all entitled our opinions, but don't resort to name calling.

    Let's rehash your points again so we can all move on:

    1) You had a poor experience with the Infinity's predecessor, the TF201 (Prime).

    2) You believe the problem is not specific to any given device but a problem endemic to the manufacturing or quality control at ASUS.

    3) You want people considering the Infinity to ensure they have a solid return policy in case they get a lemon, because you don't have confidence ASUS can/will repair the problem.

    Thanks. Let's move on, please (all of us).
  20. MattyIce24

    MattyIce24 New Member

    Thank you novox.

    Some people want to know what is going on with previous consumers before buying the products ourselves. It's not only annoying, but disheartening and distracting when people make directed attacks on others' OPINIONS instead of stating their own excitment/issuses/praise.

    I want info, not your ridiculous bs.

    That being said... I am looking to purchase a new android tablet and have been debating between the samsung note 10.1 and the asus tf700. I am a student and need the portability, semi-power, entertainment and battery life of a tablet. I'm bored of windows and don't see much hope in the new WinRT format.

    So far pros of each (considering similarieties I'll note differences):

    Samsung Note 10.1
    1.4 quad core
    2 gb ram
    multiscreen app presentation
    forward firing speakers
    720p screen
    5mp cam

    Transformer tf700
    Battery enhancing keyboard dock (usb, microHDMI)
    1.7 quad core
    1 gb ram
    NTFS support (dont have to format my external!, ease of 64 gb SD card)
    1080p res
    8 mp camera
    Stronger feeling build

    Any suggestions/opinions from experience that will help me decide?
  21. retmotor

    retmotor Member

    Mattyice, for me it was the screen of the Infinity that made the decision easy. I compared a few makes and models that Best Buy had on display. There were noticeable differences in photo contrast and HD video, but what really did it for me is the clarity of text on screen. The high definition makes the text so clear it is remarkably easier for me to read. I found the difference surprising. I believe it reduces eye strain. I can spend a lot of time on this 10" screen with smaller font and not have the eyestrain that I get on my 19" lap top.

    I don't think the speakers are an issue. If I want to listen to something that's important to me, I'll most likely pull out the head phones.

    I don't think the camera is an issue either. Anything above about 3mp without an extremely expensive, professional quality lens is a waste, imho.

    I don't have a lot of experience with the Samsung, sorry. It didn't really even catch my eye when I was looking at Best Buy.

    Good luck whatever you decide.
  22. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    I agree with retmotor, the screen is what pushed me to the TF700.
    Go to Best Buy (or wherever) and view the screen side by side. As retmotor said, there is a large difference in readability of text, especially on screens with a white background. *I* don't notice the difference so much with graphics, though I'm sure they exist. But 75% of my use of the tablet is as a book reader, so the quality of the text was most important to me.
  23. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    I think the Infinity wins if you also get the dock. One problem I have with a lot of Android tablets is that in landscape, the keyboard is way too wide. The keys are bigger (wider) than what's on a standard physical keyboard, and that throws off my typing.

    Typing on the dock keyboard is very pleasant. It's not the greatest keyboard, but it makes input for a tablet very slick. I'm not a fan of the touchpad and buttons, so I've disabled it. It's much easier to just use the touchscreen. But for precision, sometimes I'll enable the touchpad and use the mouse cursor (good for when you are using VNC or something).

    The dock also gives you a LOT more battery life, and it gives you the full-sized SD slot and USB-A female slot. That slot allows your device to be a USB host - meaning you can plug in a thumb drive or game controller, and the Infinity will pick up on it. There's also dedicated buttons for volume, brightness, back, home, etc. Much more convenient than having to go into settings or using a dedicated app/widget, IMO.

    With the dock, this thing is almost a laptop replacement. I'm still not happy with a few things, but they are limitations of Android and would apply to any Android tablet.

    I also agree that the screen res is awesome.
  24. TexasBadger

    TexasBadger Well-Known Member

    To the OP:

    I bought a TF101 and keyboard dock online from NewEgg about 18 months ago. Loved it and permanently retired my Dell laptop. I travel to meetings all over the country and that TF101 served all my needs, including PVN to run my office Windows7 desktop. I have 5 office suites, all free from Amazon. QuickOffice is my current favorite, and Google recently bought it so it should get even better. For entertainment beyond games (many of which are excellent) I watch Netflix, HBO, Cinemax, Amazon Prime Movies, and listen to Pandora, TuneIn Radio, and all my 400 albums in Google's cloud. When Wi-Fi isn't available, I simply tether to my LTE phone.

    In August, I sold my TF101 for $330 and bought a TF700T and keyboard dock from Amazon. It does everything my TF101 did, only better. My laptop now has a layer of dust on it. Neither Asus tablet is perfect. All android products have quirks (what Bill Gates used to call features). That's all part of the fun! Apple's iPads have less quirks, but they also have a lot less functionality. Most TF700T quirks should go away when we get Jelly Bean in the near future.

    Oh, I almost forgot, don't buy any tablet for its stylus. That would be like buying a new car for its tires. Instead, go buy a Hand Stylus at www.handstylus.com. Then use it with Asus' excellent SuperNote (comes with TF700T). It just doesn't get any better than that!
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  25. retmotor

    retmotor Member

    This app will help: FloatnSpin Tablet Keyboard. I just started using it and I find it very handy for those times you don
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