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Considering either the Vizio tablet or the Archos 80 G9 and seeking advice.General

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  1. heron61

    heron61 New Member

    I want an 8" android tablet. I'll use it primarily for reading ebooks, reading large full color graphics heavy PDFs, surfing the web, playing music, watching videos, and connecting it to my TV to watch videos. I'm considering either the Vizio Tablet or the Archos 80 G9. Has anyone here had experience with both? I'm most interested in several questions:

    How do the screens compare (brightness, viewing angles, overall quality)?
    How does the build quality compare?
    How does the battery life compare?

    Which tablet would you recommend?

    Also, is it true that on the Vizio tablet, apps won't access videos, music, or PDFs stored on the SD card? If that's true, it's useless to me, since the internal card is too small.

  2. marvin02

    marvin02 Well-Known Member

    No - that is not true.
  3. natEMi

    natEMi Well-Known Member

    I've used archos stuff before. It's good. Pick the archos because of the faster processor and honeycomb.

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