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  1. mcan1xx

    mcan1xx Active Member

    Have a Rez, but the anemic battery life and not being able to see the screen outdoors has had me ready to switch for a bit now, just haven't seen anything worth jumping to. So some honest opinions please.

    Can you see the screen outdoors well enough to geo cache during the day ?

    Battery life, I'm a fairly heavy user, plan on carrying a spare battery anyway, but can I hope for a day without one ?

    Is the processor noticeably faster than the round of Verizon phones that had the Razr, Rez, GNex ?

    Pocketability, with a screen protector and a thinnish case, can you get it in and out of your pocket while sitting down ?

    I see it has a TV remote, is it universal or only for Samsung tvs ?


  2. Roll-Tide

    Roll-Tide Well-Known Member

    I would say the screen outdoors might be less visible than the rezound if I remember my rezound correctly. It's not much better outdoors than the s3 I had, that much is true at least. The remote is universal... Mine is set to a dynex (best buy brand) TV and my directv box

    Battery on mine has been great.... I'm at 17hrs +/- on a charge and I'm at 68%, though I haven't done much with it today. But there's no reason not to expect a full day out of it.
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  3. Whtchdr

    Whtchdr Member

    You want to stay away from most AMOLED screens for outdoor use. The brightness levels don't reach those of the best LCDs on the market. You may want to look at the Droid DNA instead if outdoor visibility is important to you.
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  4. mcan1xx

    mcan1xx Active Member

    Sadly the ability to swap a fresh battery is more important.
    Couldn't pass up the costco deal, so i'll give it a go.
    With the 2600 mah battery, I can turn the screen full bright outside and see it.
    So far, been a nice improvement, cant get the air gestures or eye scroll to work, but they seemed like gimmicks at best anyway.:beerglass:

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