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Considering switching to Tmobile prepaid

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  1. bowlfan912

    bowlfan912 Member

    I currently have boost mobile but I'm not liking the coverage anymore. What are some good options for 4g tmobile phones? I am looking at the $60 a month plan

  2. lordj

    lordj Well-Known Member

    IMO, the two best phones at the moment to use on T-Mobile Monthly 4g are the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S2. The Nexus has a better screen and faster updates, while the S2 has a better camera and expandable storage. The Nexus costs about $50 more though. Can't go wrong with either one. I'm on the $30, 100 minute, unlimited text, 5gb data plan and it works great for me. If you know you're gonna use a lot of minutes and don't need all that data the $60 is good too. I made the switch from boost too and the difference is night and day.
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  3. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Came from VM USA to T-Mobile, and love my G-Nex!

    I'm also on the $30 per month plan (web special) with 5gb of data, unlimited texts and 100 minutes. I use Google Voice with GrooveIP for free calls, so I never eat any of my minutes. ;)

    Coverage is amazing where I'm at!
  4. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I am getting the exhibit 2 but that is a low end phone. I may get a galaxy blaze as well.

    But the phones mentioned in the previous posts are the better phones
  5. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    While I'm happy with T-Mobile's $30 plan, if I needed unlimited minutes and 2GB or less of data, I'd likely switch to Straight Talk. It has the advantage of being $45 instead of $60 and, depending on the area, may give you a choice between AT&T's or T-Mobile's network.

    And I agree that the Galaxy Nexus or S2 are the best phones for the money. The Galaxy Nexus has the advantage of being unlocked, so can be used on either T-Mobile's or AT&T's networks.
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  6. namartlu

    namartlu Well-Known Member

    I am waiting for the next Nexus phone (now that the rumors start brewing) to jump ship to T-mobile. Things don't like about the current Galaxy Nexus:
    1. no external SD card slot.
    2. HSPA+ 21 only, hopefully the next version will support HSPA+ 42?
  7. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I didn't know that about the Nexus. Learn something new every day
  8. bowlfan912

    bowlfan912 Member

  9. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    T-Mobile does not sell the Galaxy Nexus, you buy the phone directly from the Google Play store. This is part of the reason people love the phone, as it is a true Google phone with no carrier bloatware and is unlocked -- it can be used on any GSM carrier.

    The Galaxy SII is a new T-Mobile offering and hasn't made it to the website yet. I know Walmart is selling them but they are out of stock on the website. You might also see if any of the T-Mobile stores in your area has it in stock.
  10. bowlfan912

    bowlfan912 Member

    any chance the s3 can be prepaid with 4g?
  11. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    You should be able to buy the phone from a T-Mobile store for full price ($600 or so) and use it prepaid.
  12. Cable123

    Cable123 Well-Known Member

    I also made the switch virgin Mobile to T Mobile only took like 3 days to port my number but well worth the wait I got the Galaxy Note on T Mobile anyone like that phone and also I guess I need to root in everything haven't looked into it yet still very good phone too much t Mobile bloatware though and also do you know if we could use visual voicemail on prepaid thanks i got the 30 dollar plan oh yeah I had to buy cheap phone at Walmart to get the activation code is there work around get the activation code when setting it up online also need to set my wife's phone still could get activation code without buying a cheap phone thanks for any help
  13. doboy

    doboy Well-Known Member

    I just purchased the S3 for full price at the T-Mo store for $549.99+tax. I was initially told on the phone and at another T-Mo store that they don't sell it without a plan even at the full price. Luckily, the rep at the store sold it to me and now I'm waiting for the activation kit that I had to purchase online for $0.99. The SIM is not a microsim, but the store told me that they had a SIM cutter. I called T-Mo today to try to activate it on prepaid plan, but was told they couldn't do it since I didn't have the activation code from the kit so I just have to wait until I receive the kit. :(
  14. horsecharles

    horsecharles Well-Known Member

    At this moment, vis a vis prices and quality of phones, TMob #1 in the country.

    You just need to ensure you're in a good coverage area + the ones you travel a lot to....that would be the only possible fly in the ointment.....
  15. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    You don't need to buy a cheap phone. You just order an Activation Kit from the T-Mobile website for $0.99. T-Mobile stores should also have the kit but may charge $7 or more for it.
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  16. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female


    Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)
  17. zenicanin

    zenicanin Well-Known Member

    Wow Straight Talk sounds good... What networks do you use? AT&T and T-Mobile? Is that it? They don't have a junky network of their own that you can be put on?

    Sounds more enticing than my $45/mo VM right now since it looks like you could use any T-Mo or AT&T phone with them.
  18. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    What network you get depends on your area. In most of the US, west of the Mississippi, I believe your only choice is AT&T. I believe in the Northeast and maybe a few other areas you get a choice between AT&T or T-Mobile.

    If you go to straighttalk.com and start the process to order a SIM card, it will show what the options are for your area. To make sure you see the choices for your area, select that you have an unlocked phone. You then will get at least two SIM card choices (standard or mini for one network), four if you have a choice in network.

    From what I know of Straight Talk, they've never had their own network. Their older phones (non-smartphones) I believe mostly use Verizon's network; phones with data plans use either AT&T or T-Mobile.
  19. zenicanin

    zenicanin Well-Known Member

    Good deal! Thanks. I'll look into it.
  20. namartlu

    namartlu Well-Known Member

    Do you plan on asking the unlock code from T-Mo since you bought it full price?
  21. BadWolf47

    BadWolf47 Active Member

    Their first Android phones used Sprint.
  22. doboy

    doboy Well-Known Member

    I wasn't thinking about that when I bought it since I was going to use it with the $30 "Walmart" plan, but I should definitely ask them for it.:p
  23. namartlu

    namartlu Well-Known Member

    Let me know how it goes, read that you are definitely entitled to that but want to confirm.

    This would be an option for me: getting the S3 full retail and use it with the $30 plan. I need to have it unlocked so I could use it overseas (couple times a year).

    But right now I am waiting to see the next wave of Nexus devices... :)
  24. doboy

    doboy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, maybe I should've waited for the next Nexus line, but I can always return it within 30 days (got it 2 days ago) and was encouraged on the news that JellyBean is being released for S3.
  25. AndroidDroidOne

    AndroidDroidOne Well-Known Member

    I've had the $30 plan once before switching to another carrier, but I think once the new unlocked Nexus comes out I will give T- Mo prepaid another try.

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