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Consolidated In Box and messaging problems confirmed by Verizon (need help).Support (Browse All)

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  1. imwjl

    imwjl Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 24, 2010
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    My Droid X was new Wed. and had the 2.2 update done right after activation.

    I have one problem where user information can't be deleted from outgoing mail server thus rendering it useless for a host that does not have SMTP authentication. Verizon tech support confirmed this yesterday with suggestion to use K-9 mail client.

    I also have a problem where the included ActiveSync will not let phone edit any calendar entries that have been made by or modified by a different client (computer, OWA, different user). That client also lacks task/todo support. Verizon suggested Touchdown or RoadSync.

    The problem with these suggestion is twofold where I didn't expect having to wade through multiple apps or pay more money when other phones do this in a flawless manner. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you for any suggestions.


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