Constant "Google Framework" error/Force Close - HELP! (screenshot)Support

  1. justjerry

    justjerry Well-Known Member

    For about a week now I get this annoying error dialogue about the application Google Services Framework (see screenshot):


    I called HTC support just because Google's is almost non-existant and they said that this error meant that the App Market was busy (??). But I've gotten this error while searching the App Market. Anyway, it pops up so much my phone is almost unusable. It doesn't affect anything except for me doing what I'm doing on the phone.

    Anyone know WHAT this error is and WHY it's popping up and HOW to fix it??? :confused::confused::confused::mad:

    Much appreciated in advance!


    (EVO 4G running 2.2 UNrooted)

  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    menu.settings.applications.manage applications.all.find market and clear cache and data then forcestop

    press back to applications , choose running services, all, find google services..clear data and forcestop.

    reboot phone, open market, hit menu, choose my apps or login should prompt you to accept terms of service etc.

    I am pretty sure I fixed one of our phones by doing all of that
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  3. justjerry

    justjerry Well-Known Member

    So far so good!!!!! THANKS!!!!!
  4. justjerry

    justjerry Well-Known Member

    Well, was working until I got this:


    It's only popped up once so far but what if it starts popping up continuously?
  5. IvanABQ

    IvanABQ Active Member

    Mr. Ed,

    Tried your process on an unrooted SuperPad III tablet. Didn't work with ethernet on, but did work with wifi on.


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