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  1. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    3 things could fix this and 1 isn't plausible..

    1. Software update or hardware revision from LG.
    2. A ROM that attempts to fix any data issues.
    3. Another phone entirely.

    And to me 2 and 3 seem to be the only plausible outcomes.

  2. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    For Ses and giggles I decided to run the Activate app this morning. Everything went well until the last step it said it had a problem with my account but I noticed that the 2G/3G notifier I downloaded from the Play Store turned to 3G for the first time ever. I went into about phone and sure enough CDMA - EvDo rev. A and then I noticed my Elite was getting hot again.

    After a couple minutes it dropped back to 2G (1xRTT) in the notifier and cooled down again. Then it went back to 3G and warmed up once again.

    Running it isn't too much different from 1xRTT to EvDo (121kbps up on 1x vs 134kbps up on EvDo).
  3. jmfolcik

    jmfolcik Well-Known Member

    Both Elite's I've had (they replaced it once) had the 1xrtt and evdo rev a constant toggle every minute or two, causing data service interruption all the time, and unnecessary battery drain. I called and spent 45 minute today talking/being on hold with Virgin and they just wanted to reset my phone (lose everything AGAIN) even though I told them they had me do that last time and it didn't help.

    I filed an FCC complaint like someone else said to do. This is my reference number if anyone else chooses to do this and include a reference to someone else with the same issue. 12-C00430396

    I also sent an inquiry to LG the other day, they accept messages:
    Maybe we should carpet bomb them to see if they investigate?

    Is there going to be a radio update for this phone? There are countless reports of problems with it being stable on 3G, when a non LG or other LG model phone in the same area doesn't have problems on the same cellular network.
    Here are some reports from dozens of advanced users trying to understand the problems:

    The Elite has been a nightmare to most people in the 3G data functionality and I hope LG maybe can shed some light on the topic. The Sprint/Virgin carriers don't seem to have a handle on it and only replace the phone time after time and then eventually give people a different model and that fixes it.
  4. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    when your FCC complaint progresses, be sure to let sprint know like I did that you are god damned tired of defective replacements,constant resets of your service that fix nothing,factory resets that fix nothing,shitty troubleshooting by Indian reps on the VM side that fix nothing. Demand an alternative device replacement. Because the elite will NOT be fixed by lg or virgin mobile. They will leave customers holding the bag with defective merchandise before they issue a recall or major software update to attempt a fix if they can. Sprint considers virgin mobile their third level of service. Their "low end" customer base. They will avoid this issue unless pushed to resolve it. I will say one thing about Richard Branson when he was CEO over virgin,the phones may have been non-smart phone,but you NEVER had to worry whether or not the damn thing worked right before you bought it.
  5. jmfolcik

    jmfolcik Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]I found a bandaid to avoid the contant data interruptions when it switches back and forth every minute.

    I downloaded "Network" by Philipp Mangelow from android play and used it to change from "CDMA Auto (PRL)" to "CDMA Only"

    CDMA Only makes it stick in 1X all the time, doesn't try to go to 3G so it has constant data, so far for 12 hours whenever I grab the phone the internet is already on and works immediately. I tried WCMDA, and EVDO Only and those would connect to 3G only, but would constantly lose signal just as often as before but instead of going to 2G it would just not have any signal at all for another 30 seconds then reconnect to 3G for about a minute then repeat.

    20kB/s (kiloBytes) is what I get roughly up and down with this, so thats fine with me since I am paying $25/month until they give me a different phone or fix it. I will miss 200-300kB/s but it was so hit and miss and the constant switching made it so unusable anyway. Curt, what phone did they switch you do, do you like it? Only ones in the price range are the Rise or Chaser, doubt they'd swap it with an iPhone or Samsung/HTC phone :)
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  6. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    they moved me to the HTC one v. but most likely they'll offer you the rise or chaser. I believe both have root at this point and I never hear of those owners having connection issues. the elite is a phone with great potential but lg dropped the ball on the hardware in this device and really experimented to much on the software side also.
  7. elhamda

    elhamda Well-Known Member

    I now realize that my original Elite was stuck on 1x for the entire time that I had it. The replacement Elite that I received last week can reach download/upload speeds of 1.3 Mbps, whereas the original phone never did better than 200 Kbps. Also the GPS locks much faster on this phone.
    The new one is not free of its own problems. At home where the signal strength can be anywhere from -80 to -105 dBm, it has a hard time finding 3G, so it vacillates amongst 1x, 3G and no connection. And while connected/connecting it heats up from 70
  8. giantpune

    giantpune Well-Known Member

    You can try dialing *#*#4636#*#*, then going to phone info, and at the bottom set it to "EvDo only"
  9. elhamda

    elhamda Well-Known Member

    Will this alleviate the no connection issue also? does it impact other functionalities such as text messaging or voice?

    According to this site "EvDo only" gives you 3G but no voice. I am not sure if it is correct though? have you tried it?
  10. jmfolcik

    jmfolcik Well-Known Member

    That doesn't get you to a menu on this phone. The "network" app i mentioned somewhere does though. With this problem evdo only had my phone constantly switch between 3g and no signal every 30 seconds or so. "Cdma only" was the trick it stays in 1x the whole time but is solid and great battery life. I mean great. Over 24 hours. Just have to give up 3g til they fix the radio if ever.
  11. giantpune

    giantpune Well-Known Member

    That got me to the menu on my VM Elite with v5 firmware.
  12. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Same, tried switching to EvDo only. Watching to see if I stay connected or if the signal keeps dropping out on me like normal.
  13. finebyme36

    finebyme36 Member

    First I just wanted to say that I am so ticked off with my Optimus Elite, that I can hardly write this post! I also have been having the same issues as described in this thread. I never had these issues with my Optimus V, but I broke it and upgraded to the elite. With that being said, here is a copy of my email with VM. It describes my issues, and this is the second ticket that they have submitted. As you can see in the email, they gave me the run around and dropped my first ticket for some reason. Kind of like that commercial....Hello this is Becky...LOL! Anyway the following is a copy of my email traffic with VM:

    Hello Norman,

    Thanks for contacting Virgin Mobile Customer Care.

    We've reviewed the troubleticket 3-53364342847, our Technical support
    team tried to contact you to resolve your issue, but were unable to
    reach you.

    In this case, we've opened a new ticket for your case with the reference
    number of "3-53631427174", please allow us 4 business days for a

    Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of Virgin Mobile, our
    customers are highly valued and we are sorry to know that at this moment
    your experience has not been pleasant and easy. We assure you that you
    will have no further problems once our specialist department provides a
    resolution. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

    If you need additional assistance, feel free to let us know how we can
    assist further or contact us at 1-888-322-1122 (or *VM from your
    handset). You can reach us 4am - 9pm PST 7 days a week. As a reminder,
    please include your Virgin Mobile phone number and PIN on all replies.


    Reynaldo O.
    Virgin Mobile At Your Service
    Prepaid Unlimited Cell Phone Plans | Android | Smartphone | Broadband | Virgin Mobile

    Original Message Follows:
    Virgin Mobile,

    I am checking on the status of the ticket (3-53364342847). As you can
    see the email below, it now has been over 4 days and my phone is still
    experiencing the same issues.

    Thank you for your help
    Norman Disinger

    Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 7:28 PM
    Subject: Re: Phone operations (KMM103656689V78359L0KM)

    Hello Norman,

    Thanks for contacting Virgin Mobile Customer Care.

    First, we appreciate the time you have taken to email us with the
    information we have requested.

    To effectively address your concern, we have tried to contact you at
    (850) xxx-xxxx, but you were not available (we have left a voicemail).

    Nevertheless, we want to inform you that we have proceeded to fill out a
    troubleshooting ticket with the information you have provided and we
    have submitted it to our tech support team so they can get to the bottom
    of the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible.

    For the record, our team will provide a resolution to this case within
    four business days, therefore, we will recommend you please be patient.

    If you wish to pursue, here is the investigation reference number:

    Should you have any other questions, feel free to email us back, or
    contact us at 1-888-322-1122 (or *VM from your handset). You can reach
    us Monday through Sunday from 4am-9pm PST. As a reminder, please include
    your Virgin Mobile phone number and account PIN on all replies.


    Robert T.
    Virgin Mobile at your service
    Prepaid Unlimited Cell Phone Plans | Android | Smartphone | Broadband | Virgin Mobile
    Original Message Follows:
    Virgin Mobile,

    Symtom 1: No 3G service. Example, today I tried to download a 23.32MG
    game from the google play store. I started at 6:41am and the first
    message I recieved was "no connection". That message lasted approx. 1
    minute, then the download began. At 6:50 I recieved a "waiting on
    network" message, and after a minute the download resumed. The download
    of the 23.32MG file finished at 07:25. A total of 46 minutes for a
    23.32MB file. This is not 3G!
    Symtom 2: Durning the download above, my battery became very hot.
    Battery was at 95% at beginning, and at end of download, the battery was
    showing 64%. My signal strength was -102 dBm 0 asu. Mobile network
    type showing: CDMA-1xRTT. Even though the icon at the top of the phone
    is showing 3G, I know this is not true because under the settings the
    mobile network type is showing 1xRTT!

    Symtom 3: Inbound calls will ring and upon answering the phone, the
    phone goes quiet, and I can not talk to the person. It goes straight to
    voice mail. When I call the number back (outbound call) I can connect
    and talk, however there is a loud clicking noise every 2 to 3 seconds
    during the entire call. I get this clicking noice with every call I
    Symtom 4: I took a simple picture with my phone of my hand and tried
    to send it in a text message. I was showing 4 green bars on my phone,
    but the phone froze up and did not send the text with the picture
    attached. My phone became very hot, and battery went from 90% to 18% in
    15 minutes. I had to remove the battery from the phone, just to get the
    phone to respond. It would not shut off with the off button.
    Symtom 5: Dropped calls constantly. Doesn't matter if I call my home
    number here in Pensacola Fl. or my daughters number in Georgia.

    I did reprogram my phone as suggested by Dennis T from virgin mobile;
    The following steps was done on September 19th:

    1. Turn the phone off.

    2. Take the battery out for 20 seconds.
    3. Put the battery back in and turn the phone back on.
    4. Try again.

    If it does not work, reprogram the phone:

    1. Turn the phone on.
    2. Dial ##847446#.
    3. Now, you are on the programming menu.
    4. You will see: 1)Activate Phone, 2)View, 3)Edit and 4)Done.
    5. Select Edit.
    6. You will now see MDN and you may see your phone number at the bottom.
    7. Delete your number and enter the number 1 ten times. Press ok.
    8. You should see now MSID and some numbers at the bottom. Delete them
    9. And now enter the number 1 ten times again. Press Ok.
    10. You will be back on the programming menu.
    11. Scroll down and Select "Done". The phone will turn off and on by

    Once the phone is back on, repeat the same process, but this time with
    the following values:

    MDN your 10 digit phone number
    MSID (deleted for this post)

    I also did the turn wifi off and set to airplane mode as suggested by,
    Keiling A. (see email from September 25th below). That did nothing for
    my phone. I am still having the same issues.
    My balance on my phone is paid, yes it is over .25
    My address is , Pensacola Fl. 32506
    VM # is 850-xxx-xxxx
    Pin #

    I have always had great service and great signal strenght and 3G with my
    vm optimus V, at home and at work. But ever since I upgraded to the
    Optimus Elite, I been having nothing but trouble with my service!!
    Thank you for your time and help.

    Norman Disinger
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  14. jmfolcik

    jmfolcik Well-Known Member

    Landed in Atlanta fifteen minutes ago and re enabled 3g to test in a different city. Solid. No switching between 2g 3g. Perhaps some cities sprint networks are more compatible with this particular phone than others.
  15. finebyme36

    finebyme36 Member

    What I find puzzling is that I talked a co-worker in to getting an optimus elite. (Now I feel bad) But anyway yesterday we sat the phones side by side on our work table. His was showing 3 signal bars and network type was showing evdo. Mine was showing 1 signal bar and network type was 1x. He purchased his elite 1 month after I had mine. All I can think of is, some of these phone have hardware issues. Co-worker says the only trouble that he has with his phone, is that when on a call, a clicking noise can be heard, and the battery starts heating up. Mine also has this symtom of the clicking noise. Anyway to stick to this thread topic, he is getting better 3g speeds than I am, and the phones are literally side by side! Go figure....
  16. jmfolcik

    jmfolcik Well-Known Member

    And at my final destination in St Petersburg, Tampa bay area i get perfect 3g and no excessive heat, battery drain, like i had in milwaukee with this phone (never had any problem with my optimus v). I'll have to just move here, i like the high eighties in October and palm trees anyway. :) ..... I wish.
  17. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    if that is the case,sprint shouldn't have released a phone that wasn't compatible on all their network locations. seems like to me the elite was just a repackaged optimus m+...and a bad repackaging at that. my two cents for what its worth..if sprint and lg release a patch to resolve these issues, do not install it until the community can pull it apart and get the real update from the root killing crap you know they'll load it down with. but I don't have any faith that sprint will do anything nor will lg. the only reason they released the first update was to kill user root access.
  18. elhamda

    elhamda Well-Known Member

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  19. BadWolf47

    BadWolf47 Active Member

  20. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    well the simple fact is,many new and a few old pre-paid providers are beginning to challenge the sprint brands..boost is highly over priced and so is virgin mobile usa. wal-marts straight talk beats them in what you get for your 45 bucks and their 35 plan does also. there is no comparison. ive held on with vm until a few of the others offer a better selection of droids..if not for that,i would have said bye bye to vm some time ago.
  21. taco1425

    taco1425 Active Member

    i just left and went to verizon i get good speed on my iphone
  22. elhamda

    elhamda Well-Known Member

    I am not so sure that slow data speeds can be entirely due to VMU (Sprint) infrastructure. My Optimus V had great connection and relatively good data speeds. My first Optimus Elite never got past 2G. My new Optimus Elite gets good to great data speeds about 80% of the time and no connections for the rest. Granted both Optimus Elite and V are not comparable to Iphone, so we should not expect similar performance. However, what gets me is that the Elite was touted as an upgrade to Optimus V which in my case it has not been.
  23. taco1425

    taco1425 Active Member

    yea i had the iphone on sprint and chould not use it cause the data was to slow so i figured i chould cut my bill in half still bad service so my brother told me if i wanted to i chould join him on verizon for 40 so i jumped on it
  24. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    That is fantastic for you, but we are trying to solve a problem within VMU not outside of it.
  25. finebyme36

    finebyme36 Member

    Well after some more BS from VM...uncheck my wifi, put the phone in airplane mode, dial the ##847446#, go to my account and select help, run the diagnostic check to see if I get the green lights...I am still having the same issues of phone stuck in 1x. Now they are sending me another phone, and I will post my speeds with the new phone. Its been real frustrating trying to tell VM that even though I am showing 3g at the top of my phone, the mobile network type is showing 1x!

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