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    Nov 27, 2012
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    My S3 is already connected to my corporate exchange server (which I cannot control)... I am suddently having tons of "Server Unavailable" and "Unable to connect to server"...

    It happens tons of times during the day and i find mail sitting my Outbox. I then click on the Resend mail button and everything goes...

    So for some reason, the S3 keeps loosing and re-connecting via Active Sync... Any ideas what the heck I can try???

    Is Active Sync an app or something I can maybe find a new version of or something?!?


    UPDATE: I trying to recall when this error started sporadically happening, and it might be since I turned on the device encryption. I'm going to decrypt the device (after it charges up) and see if that makes any difference... but incase it doesn't, any updates appreciated!!

    I have also turned OFF Wifi Powersaving mode.


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