Root Constraining EVO possibilities

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When and how can I begin safe, controlled root?

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  1. I understand the concerns and they reflect my level

  2. I can answer simple questions about QR but not root

  3. I have rooted devices and will understand sequence when released

  4. I am inventor of answer to your question, noobie

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  1. jmaeishi

    jmaeishi Member

    Jul 13, 2010
    Does anyone know if as of today there is a tried and true way to root the HTC EVO?

    I read around this forum and it seems like it is not possible really right now with the Sprint Evo pack.

    It seems to me that when one roots the phone, it should be a permanent *kind of* thing. Like, a new update from some EVO-related serivice pack comes out and here at the forum everyone says "watch out! don't download it" and then if you do, well, then you are in trouble, but that's because you didn't check here.

    It seems to me my little pocket keitai computer has a lot of possibilities and just about all of them are constrained by apps that I want to have almost nothing to do with. Sure, it's an upgrade from my TMobile Nokia walkie-talkie, but honestly, I just want to use the thing to play little games and keep track of my contacts and my calendar. And the GPS. And probably tether would be nice. Why is this asking so much?

    I want to play games at; mostly, this is what I like to do.

    Do I just need to be patient until someone comes out with a nooby user-friendly guide? Did I miss something in all of these forums? Should I just proceed with the 1-2 step method posted a couple of weeks ago?

    I am happy to be here with everyone and read and check back daily. I've watched the youtubes and read the sequences posted...just waiting until I get the go ahead from someone who knows what they are doing, saying, "go ahead now this will work until a (specified) event occurs." And then I will wait a few weeks and if the info stands, I will follow it. Or did that happen, but I'm just scared?

    As a nooby, I will not try something new or original this first time for rooting. I just need straightforward demo and then I can practice that a few times until I get the gist of it. Maybe when I upgrade to new phone in a year or two I will contribute new idea... for now...I will contribute whatever I know about the device.

    1) it still runs
    2) it runs very little that I wish it would
    3) I need to know how to use qr codes from all around the world.

    Thank you for being here and I fully intend to give back whatever I learn in this process :)


  2. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH
    VIP Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    Hi Jay,

    I'm going to move this post over to the Evo section for you. Welcome!

  3. jmaeishi

    jmaeishi Member

    Jul 13, 2010
    Thank you Stephen.

    I also tried the "live chat" but it seemed that wasn't the right place to be chatting about all the plans to get the Evo lined up for practical uses.

    I will find my post in Evo forum tomorrow and eagerly await to see what other intro-level explanations and questions look like.

    See you again!


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