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  1. sniper8752

    sniper8752 Well-Known Member

    why can't I add more contact information (e-mail/phone #) to a person on my sim card?

  2. strose09

    strose09 Well-Known Member

    Sim card has limited memory maybe up to 200 contacts, you have to save the contacts on your sd card, phone, or link it to your google contacts.
  3. sniper8752

    sniper8752 Well-Known Member

    How would i transfer them to my google account?
  4. strose09

    strose09 Well-Known Member

    I copied this from a similar thread.....

    To do this goto "people" hit menu,import/export, and choose export to sd card. It will ask you if you want to export them from phone, sim, or google. Choose sim. Now Delete the sim contacts(I know scary but dont worry) the way you deleted the phone contacts. Now you have 1 list, and you can edit them from your gmail contact list(on computer if ya want),put them in groups easily, and merge the email addresse to the appropriate contact. When you sync your numbers choose google as the primary.
  5. sniper8752

    sniper8752 Well-Known Member

    hm, can i select all of the sim contacts at once? and how do i get them off my sd card then, to my phone again but under the google account? i have to sync, and change their destinations?
  6. mratlndmrk

    mratlndmrk Well-Known Member

    Try this app. It makes the whole process simple. Just follow the instructions.

    Google Sync for your phone
  7. sniper8752

    sniper8752 Well-Known Member

    but on the right, i do not see any option for the android phones. and will this sync my sim contacts as well?

    and i don't have texting :( i only have the textplus and handcent apps... so could you possibly send me the program?

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