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Contact formatting issue

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  1. geerod

    geerod New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 19, 2010
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    My Droid X syncs perfectly with my companies exchange server. When I look up a contact all the info is there correctly as it should be. However when I call a contact, if that contact has a phone extension, it dials the #, adds a 9 at the end of the # & adds the extension, forming one long #. Of course I get the message "your # can be completed as dialed". For example all usual calls are formatted # 123-456-7890. Normally after it connects you're asked to enter an extension if appropriate for a particular contact. In my case a 9 is added after the phone # & the extension is added right after the phone #, forming one run-on # that's not formatting correctly. What I get is 123-456-789091234. In this case the 9 is added & ext 1234 is also added immediately after?:mad:

    Any ideas on how to correct?:confused:

    Thank you!


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