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  1. nexs666

    nexs666 New Member

    Just upgraded from BB Curve to Optimus S yesterday. Had full contact list upon leaving Sprint Store. This morning I had 3, all of which were gmail addresses. Tech line was baffled but girl at store though it had something to do with gmail. Took me through steps to import contacts from SD card but there was nothing on the card to import. Worse, I donated my old phone and it left the store this afternoon. Is there a way around this, or am I just gonna have to start from scratch? Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if the answer isn't quite what I want to hear. :rolleyes: Thanks.

  2. SandersJC64

    SandersJC64 Well-Known Member

    Did you already have a gmail account prior to activating your Optimus? If you did, were your contacts associated with it? If you didn't, did you create one after they were transferred to your Optimus? If that is the case, then I am afraid they are likely gone. I remember reading this happening on other Android forums with other phones.
  3. greeker

    greeker New Member

    SandersJC64 is spot on. When you added your GMAIL acct it removed the contacts. Just take both phones back to the sprint store. They will add them back in. I speek from experience. I did the same thing myself.
  4. nexs666

    nexs666 New Member

    Thank you for the help. Like I said , though, the old phone is long gone so I've had to redo my contacts from scratch. Not fun, but not the end of the world. Thank you, again.
  5. frankbon

    frankbon New Member

    Mine did the same thing, I just got the phone yesterday, the copied my contacts. After creating the GMail acct and installing some apps they are gone. The real odd thing is now, if I manually add a contact it will not show up.
  6. rumplesteelskin

    rumplesteelskin Well-Known Member

    IT DOUBLEd my list I lost my list before to not on this phone tho. I lost my sms list 3 times on my last treo .That'll set you back too. any way hope it goes back easy for you
  7. Matt_H

    Matt_H Active Member

    Despite the fact that Sprint has been selling Android phones for well over a year now, the techs at the Sprint stores still do NOT understand how Android works with regards to syncing up the phone with your required google account. Twice I've taken an Android phone to a Sprint Store to get the newest OS installed on it. When they do that, they wipe the phone clean. Both times I told them to NOT back up anything, because it's all already on my Google account. Once I connected the freshly wiped phone to my account, all my contacts would be resynced. Unfortunately, both times they did back up and restore my contacts, and then when I entered my google account info, all my contacts were duplicated. The Sprint Techs are still in the mindset of every phone having a local contact list that needs to be copied over, and it is greatly hurting the Android experience. I'm sorry they messed up your contacts.
  8. frankbon

    frankbon New Member

    I went back to the Sprint store and they fixed it. When you first get the phone you need to set up your gmail acct (for all the apps) before you copy over your contacts. Then once you copy the contacts you should be all set. They also changed some settings for me so adding new contacts is not an issue.

    Go into Contacts, Display settings, click on your gmail acct and then make sure everything is checked off on that drop down list.

    Hopes this helps with peoples issues, it fixed mine!
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  9. 1D10T

    1D10T Member

    thank you frankbon. i had the same problem with my wife's phone. will try that when she gets home

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