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Contact List Sorting Options?Tips

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  1. dblankenburg

    dblankenburg Member

    Can you change the way the contact list is sorted? I have a lot of companies in my list with no contact name and they currently list by the phone number or email address instead of by company name. Sorting by last name first would be nice too!

  2. gme109

    gme109 Well-Known Member

    Did you sent up your contacts through Google? If so have you placed them into groups? This makes it much easier to locate a certain company.
  3. rambo47

    rambo47 Well-Known Member

    How can there NOT be an option to sort by last names?! This new Android way of doing some things is going to take some getting used to. After 8 years of BlackBerry there is quite an adjustment period.
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  4. gme109

    gme109 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't find a way to sort by last name, but the group method works really well. And I wouldn't be surprised if there's an app to help sort contacts better, if not, there will be.
  5. chaosfenix

    chaosfenix Member

    2.2 will enable sorting by last name instead of first name.
  6. dblankenburg

    dblankenburg Member

    I'm not using Google for contacts at all, strictly Corporate sync and do have my contacts in groups. Looks like I'll see what changes when we get 2.2
  7. SinR1

    SinR1 Member

    It was a pain in the ass for me to do it, but this should work. But you have to upload all of your contacts to your gmail account.
    The thing I hated about this is I had a million contacts on gmail already that I didn't want. So I Pretty much deleted all of them. I'm assuming you have your contacts saved on your PC somewhere(ex. Outlook or Windows Contacts). I saved all of mine from my iphone as a Vcard file on the PC using Windows Contacts.

    Once the contacts are saved as a Vcard file, open up your gmail account and click on "contacts" on the left side. From there, select "import contacts" on the left side and locate your Vcard file. Once the file is uploaded to your gmail, you can arrange the contacts by first or last name.

    I hope this helps and works for you.
  8. travisr528

    travisr528 Well-Known Member

    It does not do it for the Evo, why would it work on the epic?
  9. PoundSand

    PoundSand Well-Known Member

    htc doesn't use the standard contacts app (but i don't think the epic does either).
  10. shp13

    shp13 Member

    without the ability to customize how they are sorted I may not keep the Epic. It's amazing to me how poor the professional aspects of the smartphones are! Switching from a Blackberry due to huge calendar & contacts weaknesses. Have heard great things about Androids and tested out the switch to google calendar and contacts. Can organize it there, but only groups go to the phone, and then 1/2 the groups have 'system group' as the start of their title vs. the name ie 'family'.

    And sorting by first name is the most ridiculous thing in the world, IMHO......

    Anyone have solutions? good free apps? concrete info re andoid upgrade options?

    (sorting my last name just seems like such a simple, basic thing....!)
  11. rambo47

    rambo47 Well-Known Member

    This is one of several seemingly small issues that drove me back to my BlackBerry for 6 months. I just re-activated my Evo figuring I'd give it another try. I'm running Android 2.3.3 unrooted. Still no contacts sort by last name. WTF? I also can't seem to get contacts to display with titles like "Dr."

    edit: This was supposed to be in the Evo section. The forum search feature got me here. Oops!
  12. ginglish

    ginglish Well-Known Member

    On my Evo Shift with 2.3.3 and HTC Sense, the options to sort are located under People/Menu/View. The options for Sort and "View by" both allow Last Name
  13. lek

    lek Member

    is there anyway for me to remove my contacts from my Epic 4G?
    I have managed to get double of each contact! :)
    I just got the phone, and before I bought a 'sync' program I copied over my contacts from my mac. Then when I sync my phone I got another set as well. I thought [foolish me] that the sync program would just replace the contacts that were already there... LOL!
    I have gone back to the dir were I placed the contact the first time, and removed them. I made no difference. I also tried removing one copy manually [boy that was a pain,] but no luck.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

  14. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    @lek, log into google via pc for ease of contact management in this regard.
  15. lek

    lek Member

    Thanks badankles, but I don't use google to store my contacts.
    I like to keep things local... I am not fond of storing my info in anyone's 'cloud' (unless I can't help it.)

  16. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    umm...okay, good luck with that. actually, if all your contacts are on phone, then use the export to sd card option. then grab the file via pc to see if you can manipulate it. once done, put it back on sd card and import them back.

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