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  1. syede

    syede Member

    Hello I dont find the contact list in gmail.also I dont know to go to google drive through gmail.please let me know.thank you

  2. Slow learner

    Slow learner Member

    I haven't used the Galaxy for sending emails, so was curious about your post. Here's what I found.

    If I go straight to Gmail via the Galaxy home screen, I get the screen shown on the top half of the below photo. I can't find a way of locating the contacts, but if I write an email, I get the contacts prompted as I type, so they're there somewhere. As for Google Drive - no idea.

    However, I have the Galaxy protected by Norton 360 multi device and when I load Gmail via the Norton Password Manager, I get the screen shown in the bottom half of the photo. As before, I can't see the contacts list but do get prompts when I type an address. Google Drive is one of the sub-menu items under the "More" tab.

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  3. Slow learner

    Slow learner Member

    I've just discovered something else - if I access Gmail via the internet button, I have to sign in, but I do get the fuller page, as with Norton Password Manager.
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  4. syede

    syede Member

    Thank you

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