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  1. stephscoggins

    stephscoggins New Member

    Hi. I have my GMail contacts synced to my Proclaim. The problem is I do not want EVERY contact in GMail on my phone. Is there anyway to create a group of list of contacts I want on my phone and sync only to that group/list? As an example, can I create a group/list called "Android" and mark/add contacts to t hat list and only sync the Android contacts? I have tried that and it didn't work, but I may have made a mistake.

  2. Jmelz

    Jmelz Well-Known Member

    You can "star" contacts as favorites and only show those.
  3. Megalomando

    Megalomando Active Member

    I just got my Proclaim today and love it but just like with the Samsung Admire, seemingly every person who has emailed me on gmail is showing up in multiples, like I'll have 4 contacts with the same email name. What a PITA. I recognize some email addresses from several years ago from ebay purchases, replies from companies that sent me information only once, it's horrible, I have over 400 entries in my contacts and I haven't manually added anything yet...

    This is a stupid thing to do, you'd think the designers of these Android phones would not permit this. I'll have to read about the "favorites" option mentioned above and see if that's just as easy to get to as "contacts" are. I'm just worried any new gmail emails will also get added.

  4. uttercaro

    uttercaro Member

    I have the same problem, magnified. I synced without knowing what I was doing, and now my contacts list is grossly bloated with triplicates from Gmail, Yahoo, and Facebook. And the Airdroid app won't load them on my nice big monitor, so I'm painstakingly deleting them one by one from the phone itself. Oy!
  5. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    When you add accounts, it adds their address book to the phone if you allow the contacts to sync. Check the "groups" in contacts... you'll see an overall Google group, Yahoo group, and Facebook group. Hence why there are so many duplicates. Whichever one you delete, it'll delete it from that site's contact.

    I agree, it'd be nice if it could see that the contacts exist in multiple address books (sites) and auto-merge them in the list... but alas.

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