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  1. MikeCzipri

    MikeCzipri Active Member

    Not sure why, but the names of my contacts don't show up on my incoming texts. It shows their Facebook profile picture and phone number, but not their name.

    Anyone got any ideas on how to fix?

  2. hackyzac

    hackyzac Well-Known Member


    having the same issues

    I get SOME contacts but others i just get the phone #, no picture and no name..but if i check the contact they're in my phone :confused:

    anyone have any ideas?
  3. hackyzac

    hackyzac Well-Known Member

    just in case you haven't fixed it..and anyone else is having the same problem...

    try deleting the facebook app if you have it, then restart the phone..that's what fixed mine
  4. NCHornet

    NCHornet Well-Known Member

    Same issue here. I just noticed it today. Some contacts will show their name and others just give a number and not a name. I don't have the facebook app and am still having this issue. Please let me know if you find a repair.
  5. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    have you linked any contacts together? did you dismiss contacts that were asking to be linked?

    does this happen on stock app? 3rd party?
  6. Ray-Ban

    Ray-Ban Active Member

    I have a similar issue. I have both the facebook app and the htc sense facebook (its not an app but not sure what it is) installed, and in my people there are duplicates of many of my contacts, one linked with htc sensefacebook, the other for the facebook app.

    Some of them display only the phone number on a text, but when I click that number and click "view", it navigates me to the profile link and shows their picture etc; so why doesn't it show their picture on the text window?

    Do I need the facebook app or is there a way to use the HTC Sense Facebook app?
  7. huddlej78

    huddlej78 New Member

    When I get a text using the preloaded text application on the evo ed, it shows a blank picture box and the phone number. If I click on the picture box and click on view it takes me to the contact in my address book. I have tried to delete the facebook app and restarted my phone and it started working like it did when I first got the phone (Picture, Name, and Number in parentheses). Worked for about an hour then back to the same problem. Need help.
  8. NCHornet

    NCHornet Well-Known Member

    Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I may call tech support tomorrow if I have time and nobody has found a solution yet. Very frustrating not to have the name on the text to show me who it was from.
  9. NCHornet

    NCHornet Well-Known Member

    Yes this is happening on the stock texting app. No I have not linked any contacts on the phone. I haven't had much time to mess around with this phone since I picked it up last Friday. Hoping someone will find a solution before I have to call support. I hate calling Sprint for any type of question. Thanks ahead of time for any and all help.
  10. Seraphiend

    Seraphiend New Member

    I was having the same problem. First make sure that you have each contact linked together everywhere you have them in your phone (both Facebook and Facebook for HTC sense, twitter, phone, etc...). You can easily do this from the text message where the name is not showing up by holding your finger where there picture should be and then selecting 'View.' After that there is a two link chain in the upper right. Press that to link all contacts together even if they have different names on Facebook than on your phone.

    I had all that done, but was still not getting all my contacts names and pictures to display. Then I went into the Task Manager, which can be found in your app menu. Killed everything, but probably just needed to kill the messages app that was running. As soon as I restarted the messages app everyone's names and pictures were showing.

    Hope this helps, as it was very frustrating for me as well!!
  11. shiggity

    shiggity Active Member

    Try restarting?

    I was messing around w/ my contacts, and somehow screwed one person up. I thought I restored them correctly but their texts were only showing the #.

    I ended up rebooting and now it shows their name.

    I will never understand the contacts/people with this phone. lol
  12. morasta

    morasta Member

    Same issue here. Just replaced the stock app with Handcent SMS and everything has been great since.
  13. beng165

    beng165 New Member


    I was having a similar problem, with only the contacts I saved to sim or made favourite appearing in the contacts list. The rest were all available in dialler, or if I searched for them, so it was just annoying.
    I had facebook uninstalled at the time, not sure whether this was relevant or not.

    go to

    select all contacts, and click "add to my contacts"

    Contacts all swiftly sync to move into the correct place.

    Hope this helps this annoying issue

  14. NanoVirus

    NanoVirus Active Member

    For some reason none of my contact pictures show up for incoming text messages, only their names. This include fb contacts and none fb contacts. For incoming phone calls their pictures show fine. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  15. Jenius2

    Jenius2 New Member

    Had the same problems, tried all the same things. Got it fixed by going into my Google account contact list. Some of the numbers were not showing in my Google contact list, and these were the contacts that were not showing names or pics. I edited each, added the phone numbers in Google, shut my phone off for a few minutes. When I turned it back on, all was fine : )
  16. mmarrioj

    mmarrioj New Member

    Go to people or contacts, hit menu, hit the little eye picture that reads view, you'll see all of the apps you have added contacts for example google, skype, phone, Qik video etc. unclick all of them and just leave phone you'll see it will just bring up your phone contacts. hope it helps.
  17. josyBan

    josyBan New Member

    I tried all the solutions offer here and else where for this issue but none worked. I found that exporting my contacts to the USB storage
    (Contacts >>> menu >> Import/Export contacts>>> Export to USB storage)

    And then importing them but clickin Phone in the dialog "Create contact under account"
    (Contacts >>> menu >> Import/Export contacts>>>Import from USB storage)

    This solved the issue for me.

    Hope this helps some one!:)
  18. djlane1

    djlane1 New Member

    The same thing happened to me today, after upgrading to 4.1.2 No names appearing on SMS (including stock app), call logs etc. I could fix it one at a time by adding the number to contacts, then deleting the previous (the same) number.

    Eventually I fixed very simply by deleting my google account on the phone, and setting it up again. just took a minute or so to re-sync and all is good again :)

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