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  1. Monkey

    Monkey Well-Known Member

    Hi All, I have downloaded the new updated version (complete with adverts) :) of Handcent to try it out as I hearing such glowing comments on it.
    When I open the programme I see all the threads but all I have is the mobile numbers and No Contact names associated with them.
    Could someone kindly tell me what I have to do to get the names up please.
    I have been looking through the settings but cant see anything, do I need to make sure the stock messaging app is unticked first to get the names to appear?
    Thank you in advance. :)


  2. bunt83

    bunt83 Well-Known Member

    Do you have your contacts saved as 'google contacts' or SIM contacts?

    I THINK my friend had the same issue until they ticked use 'google contacts' only in the main contact settings i.e. not handcent settings...

    Hope this helps!
  3. Monkey

    Monkey Well-Known Member

    I think they would be Sim contacts if that helps.
    Thank you for your quick reply. :)


  4. bunt83

    bunt83 Well-Known Member

    Yeah like I said, I'd change your contacts into 'google contacts'.

    Firstly it'll mean they're backed up online and then I THINK they'll work with handcent too.

    Try one to test it I guess...
  5. jim_h

    jim_h Well-Known Member

    Monkey, this baffled me too for a couple of days as I brought my sim card, complete with contacts, from my old phone. Only numbers showed up in Handcent.

    To solve this issue:
    Open the "People" app.
    Find a contact listed as "SIM" and open it.
    Click the hardware menu button and select "Save to contacts".
    You will now have a duplicate, but the one just created as an actual contact will enable Handcent to display their name instead of number.

    I don't want to share all my contacts with Google, so I didn't opt to do that with any of them. As far as I know, you can delete those duplicate contacts listed as "SIM" when you've converted them into contacts.

    I hope that sorts it for you. It worked for me anyway.
  6. hkrn44

    hkrn44 Member

    How do you change your contacts to google contacts? I've been trying to figure this out...
  7. nhudak23

    nhudak23 New Member

    I have a mytouch4g and was having the same problem. What I did was: go to Contacts, hit the Menu, click Import/Export, export my contacts to my SD card, then do it all over again, this time export from SD and import them to the SIM card/phone. Once they were on the SIM card, Handcent pulled them right up.
    I hope this helps everyone having this problem.
    Have a great day!

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