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contact names not showing up in messagesSupport

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  1. 11163

    11163 New Member

    I synced my contacts with facebook about a month ago and suddenly none of the names are showing up in messages, even the ones who dont have facebook aren't showing up. i also noticed the number of messages are showing up except it never showed that before. i tried removing facebook data and syncing again but it hasn't worked, all contacts are linked and are showing up fine in the people section. does anyone know how to fix this?
    here is a screen shot of what it looks like

  2. katty129

    katty129 New Member

    I have the same problem! Its so annoying! If anyone knows how help it'd be much appreciated!
  3. milothecow

    milothecow New Member

    Yes I too need help. I dont know who is messaging me anymore although it did work for the first week.
  4. purplesuzi_90

    purplesuzi_90 New Member

    This happened to me yesterday. I went back to Orange where I have a contract and after speaking to several Orange customer support people they sent a sin update to my phone and it has completely sorted it.
    Hopefully anyone else suffering the same problem should be able to get it sorted.
    Hope this helps.
  5. shazlittle

    shazlittle New Member

    Hi all, I am a new owner of a ChaCha and have found that I am experiencing the same problem :( Does anyone have a solution to this. I have done all the recommendations - unlinked everything, no facebook contacts, added a '+', deleted the '+' but nothing seems to work... Its extremely frustrating when you get a message (or want to reply to a message) but all you are faced with is a number!!! HELP PLEASE - I was SO looking forward to this phone but this is ruining it for me...
  6. redia

    redia Active Member

    I got all my contact from my outlook exchange server. No facebook at all.
  7. Jenibobar

    Jenibobar New Member

    Hi all, All I did was remove the sim card and insert it again then the problem was solved. Hope this helps :)
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  8. georgieswift

    georgieswift New Member

    mine does exactly the same thing, but when i turn it off and turn it back on again it does it for a while then goes back to the numbers instead of contacts, it makes me really angry so would really like to know how to solve it!
  9. carabonara

    carabonara New Member

    Mine's done the same thing several times. I always just turn the phone on and off, reset it or go onto the message, click the number that's there and then show in contacts (or whatever the options called, i cant remember). It's always worked for me, so hope it helps:)
  10. dearFriend

    dearFriend New Member

    Hi every one , I tasted all these solutions , but they didnt work :( its really annoying :((
  11. mysticspiral

    mysticspiral Well-Known Member

    Hello all I am sorry that you all are experiencing some difficulty . Try going into your application settings on your phone. clear data and clear your cache , you will then have to log in to your facebook again but sometimes this will do the trick. Hope this helps .
  12. lupetto73

    lupetto73 New Member

    I'm having the same problem since one week.
    And much other problems, as roaming, saving contacts and call log.
    I think I have to make an hard reset... :mad::mad::mad:

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