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Contact photos not showing during calls?Support

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  1. erika61489

    erika61489 Active Member

    I hope I'm posting this in the right area. I just got my Samsung Transform and am loving it, except for a few minor things.
    For some reason, my contact photos don't show up during a call. From the time it rings until I hang up the call, I see the little green Android symbol. I know for a fact that I have contact pictures because in my phonebook, I see the tiny thumbnails.

    Can someone please help me fix this? I've been googling this problem all day and haven't found a clear answer. I tried an app but that ended up being worse.


  2. The pictures you have in your people app, were they put there by you? Or by Facebook/twitter? How did you get them on there?
  3. erika61489

    erika61489 Active Member

    I synced my contacts with facebook, so those are their profile pictures. On my old phone, it synced with facebook and those pictures became their contact pictures, as well. That was on my HTC touch pro 2. I assumed this would do the same thing :/
  4. erika61489

    erika61489 Active Member

    Just solved the problem on my own :) Turns out that the photos didn't show up because they were only linked from facebook to the phone contacts. They never actually linked to google contacts. The program I downloaded to do this was SYNCMYPIX. It adds a picture in all of the google contacts instead of having to do them separately.
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  5. BambiEyez

    BambiEyez New Member

    Thank you SO MUCH for that info!!!!! I've downloaded SO MANY appy trying to fix this problem, sone of them worked. I'm about to try it to see if it works.

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