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  1. stormwire

    stormwire New Member


    I have a rooted htc android running froyo 2.2. Everything is working well on the phone with the exception of the contact pictures not showing up when using the text messaging app. They worked earlier, then I enabled google contact sync (most contacts are on my SD card, not google). After the sync ran, no pictures show up.. only the blank silhouette. However, they are showing up in the call log.

    I do not have facebook setup to sync or anything like that. Only weather and google calendar and contacts sync.

    I have way too much work into this phone to re-flash it and start over, so your thoughts & ideas are much appreciated.

    Any ideas ?

    Nathan !

  2. marchallsworth

    marchallsworth New Member

    hi all,
    i have the same issue, all my contacts pics were in the sms app till this morning i got up took my phone off plane mode and all the pictures went out of the sms app.
    i know its not a big problem but its bugging the hell out of me. thanks in advance for any advise

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