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  1. Carol2

    Carol2 Active Member

    I purchased this phone yesterday for my mother. Here's the problem:

    • I set up her contacts in a brand new Gmail account and then synced.
    • The phone comes with a 2GB microSD card. I copied a bunch of photos from her PC to the external memory (F: drive) on the phone. The photos now show up in the Gallery.
    • I started going through her contacts, on the phone, (not in Gmail on the computer), and adding a photo to each contact from the Gallery.
    • After adding maybe ten or so photos to contacts (one photo per contact), I noticed that they were disappearing! The photo does not show up next to the contact name. So I went back and started adding them again. I went slower as I thought maybe that was the problem. I made sure the SAVE was done before I hit Back/Return. But photos became missing next to other contacts.
    • I looked online at her Gmail account and lo and behold, ALL of the photos show up in Gmail! They were uploaded from the phone! But many of them are missing from the Contacts section on the phone.
    • I synced again. Many of the photos that are in Gmail (and came from the phone originally) still do not show up in Contacts.
    • I went to the MetroPCS store and showed the two guys (manager and staff) behind the counter. Both were scratching their heads. No clue what is wrong. Can't help me.
    • There is plenty of memory available - both internal and external.
    So what gives? Anyone have any idea? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. radford

    radford Well-Known Member

    Same problem here but on two different phones, one a samsung and one a coolpad.

    I used google forward slash contacts to edit mine after it synced them. Hope it helps.
  3. Carol2

    Carol2 Active Member

    I worked on it some more the past few days. The solution that finally worked for me was to add the photos in Gmail, on the computer, and then sync them down to the phone. Now every contact has a picture and none are disappearing. What a relief!


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