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Contact Search in Navigation : (Telus) Samsung Galaxy FascinateSupport

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  1. lchen_AD

    lchen_AD Member

    The Contacts Tab on the Navigation on my Telus Samsung S Fascinate (2.2) shows the complete list of the contacts (street addresses) of my Phone Contact Book, making it very tedious to go through to pick up the destination. No Search functionality?

    Is it possible/How to use/integrate the phone Contacts into the Navigation App, having the features of "Search" "A-Z" sidebar, to make the selection easier?

  2. justiyad

    justiyad Well-Known Member

    On most applications in android if you hold the Menu key for couple of seconds you get a search box. I'm not sure about the Telus navigation but you can give it a try.
  3. lchen_AD

    lchen_AD Member

    Depending how I hit the key on the Menu button:

    1. The mouse key shows up in the Search Input; but the search is not conducted on the existing Contacts, but of trying to locate nearby places of same or similar names?

    2. The other resultant display is "to Add New Contact" within the Contacts

    =============== ==================

    After fooling around for awhile, now I have found the logic:

    1. Of the Existing Contacts with ADDRESS in the Contacts Database:

    Starting in the Contacts :
    Search/ Find the Contact;
    Click on the address; tag the Direction Icon
    which would then start up the Navigation automatically.

    (Maybe Samsung/Telus should add "Search Contacts" beside the "Add New" to make it more user friendly.)

    2. If the Destination Address not to be saved in the Contacts book,
    start up the Navigation; Input the Destination etc.

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