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Contact sending: Business CardsSupport

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  1. barry baker

    barry baker Member

    Every phone I have had for the last 10 years has had the function to send a business card, so when some text me and says have you got ' johns' number, i simple send the number via business card, the G1 doesnt allow this, or am I missing something. or is there a way of cutting and pasting.

    Its difficult to do unless you have a pen and paper to write the number down then type it in to a text message

    Any ideas ?

  2. Its hardly a shortcut but its saves using those dam pens

    Go into the contacts number you want to send and click menu, edit contact, long press and copy the number, then paste it into a text

    I agree though, should have the business card option
  3. barry baker

    barry baker Member

    Cheers again for that. But this must be the only phone in the world not to have send business card. TBH i dont know if it receieves business cards ? havent tried it
  4. dubb

    dubb Member

    yes i miss that option. to have a personal business card and to send other peoples contact information via bluetooth. I wonder if all the contacts can be send as one file.
  5. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

    i was trying to send one the other day and was dissapointed that you could not...
  6. ghoonk

    ghoonk Member

    I'm no expert, but I suspect that it has something to do with certain BT profiles not being supported in the current firmware. Does anyone know if the BT radio is 2.0? If so, then it might just be a firmware upgrade away

    Sending business cards via SMS or BT is one feature I sorely miss...
  7. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    I think one of our hot Dev Guys should do and app for scanning a business card and extracting the info from it and placing it in a new contact entry.
    My SonyEricsson 990i does this by using the camera and works rather nicely. Of course Sending the Phone Owner's Bus.Card should be a given .. as well as sending any persons info in you contact list.... Hopefully some wiz is working on this as I type ... :)
  8. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Speaking of Bluetoothing... I would love to use my portable BT Keyboard with my G1 .. I have been able to pair the Phone with it as well as a Standard size Dell BT keyboard but once paired connecting to them still fails ...
  9. Masonator

    Masonator Well-Known Member

    this is admittidly a silly omission on Androids behalf, however as far as im awar ethe iphone can't do it either....
  10. DarkTLRrider

    DarkTLRrider Well-Known Member

    Even though my Treo 650 was old as dirt it had a ton of features that I really miss. When I went to the Blackberry I was amazed at how many features a new phone was missing. People used to get mad at me when I would put down the blackberry. But the Treo was still the most functional of all the phones I had. I like this one a lot and hope they continue to develop it as Palm did with their series. Business card transfer via text would be cool as well as BT transfer of ringtones, programs, music, and files.
  11. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    It would be nice fro a Dev to do an app similar to one that I had on my SE 990i that you cound take a pic of the business card and it would make a contact entry from the info on the business card ...
  12. rdfry1

    rdfry1 Member

    Program in market called dub is supposed to do this
  13. slave1

    slave1 Well-Known Member

    Can't find Dub in the Android Market:confused:
  14. android_dev

    android_dev New Member

    You can check out SendContact in the android market. It does what you need.
    app website: http://sites.google.com/site/roguethoughts/
  15. morgang

    morgang New Member

    I've gotten ok results with a program called Bluetooth File Transfer to send a contact as a vcard via Options -> More -> Send Contacts

    Wish it where in there natively as it is in many less fancy phones . . .
  16. harry145

    harry145 Member

    I would suggest ... FOR ANDROID --- download the app "handcent sms" and then you can use this app as ur sms'in app and when u compose a sms on the left u will see a lightening icon which will allow you to select contact and send as a business card.. Though not the format but much much much helpful... :)
  17. sandeep108

    sandeep108 Well-Known Member

    There also seem to be several contact sender apps for sending through sms. Ciacs Contact Sender seems popular and free. I intend to try it out over the weekend.

    But yes, in addition to the default e-mail/gmail/bt, if option of sms was there in the contacts>sharing option, it would have been great. It is a pain to copy/paste.

    I sometimes am surprised as to why today's smartphones whether android, iOS or BB leave out several basic/simple features/UI. Call reminders, phone type icons (mobile/work/home, etc., timed profiles, business card sending, data and other logging, contact groups, (I know in 2.2 you can do this by options>display>group, but is it so difficult to have a simple groups tab?) etc.

    I guess all or more of the above should be possible by some app or the other, but it is quite time consuming to figure out which one out of 100,000 and then which works well, syncs, etc.
  18. freak111

    freak111 Member

    Just try bizCard Manager. Sends and receives business cards via SMS and it compatible with Nokia and other brands.

    It's paid app but works fine. Let us know if it works for you.

    You can find it on Google Play here.

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