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  1. BoiseBob

    BoiseBob New Member

    After I updated my S3 (AT&T) to Jelly Bean, I noticed a problem with contacts on the phone. Most if not all of the phone numbers associated with work now show up as home. If I go into edit mode on the phone, the labels change back to match what's on gmail contacts. In addition, the notes field shows up twice on the phone for each contact. I thought this was something going weird with my phone until I talked to a guy I work with who has an S3 and the same exact problem. Anybody have an idea how to correct this? This wasn't a problem under ice cream sandwich.

  2. Toosploos

    Toosploos Well-Known Member

    Could it be that - by accident - after the update you are now also syncing contacts from other accounts? Check under 'system settings -> accounts' if contact syncing for Facebook, Yahoo, Outlook etc etc isnt turned on by default.
  3. BoiseBob

    BoiseBob New Member

    I have no other accounts sync'd to my phone. Any other thoughts?

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