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  1. surhaj

    surhaj New Member

    When I set up the Exchange account on the phone, everything works as expected, and all contacts in the address book on the Exchange server (company hosted) are synced across to the phone.

    The problem is that any updates that are done (on the phone or in Outlook) are not synced. All calendar changes are synced without problem, as are emails. So the connection to the server via ActiveSync is definitely up and running to some degree at least.

    I realized that I had this problem while I was on 2.3.4 and got the canned suggestion from Samsung support to remove/add the account again, and also to upgrade to 2.3.5.

    Needless to say, after having tried both suggested remedies, the problem still exists... anyone else out there that is having the same problem? :confused:


  2. gh268

    gh268 Member

    YES. I was having an issue with calendar appts made in Outlook not being editable on the phone. I resolved that by using the primary SMTP address (not an alias) and made sure the type case matched what was in Exchange, as the Active Sync program is apparently case sensitive. After that, calendar is editable - but not contacts aren't syncing!

    Anybody out there have any ideas????
  3. Noralf

    Noralf New Member

    It seems I am also plagued with similar issues regarding to Exchange and contacts syncing .

    I have had my Samsung Galaxy S2 for about three weeks. Last week I noticed that the contacts did not synchronize between my Outlook / Exchange account at work and my phone. I have added entries at both places, but they do not replicate to the other. I have tried to manually resync the contacts, and it seems to work, the symbol (arrow-circle) on the status line is displayed for a minute or so, and then disappears. But the entries are not copied to the other device / server. The calendar and mail works beatifully.

    I am a bit disappointed about this, because my old Nokia C7 (W/Symbian Anna) worked flawlessly in this respect.
  4. dmg210

    dmg210 New Member

    Same problem here with my Sony Xperia S. The contacts will sync from the exchange server to the phone but refuse to sync from the phone to exchange!

    Emails and calendars work fine and sync in both directions...

    Could anyone recommend a work-around?
  5. oldhtc

    oldhtc New Member

    I've just got a Galaxy Note and have exactly the same problem. Mail and calendar sync fine, contacts don't update from phone to Outlook. Anyone got a solution. Cheers
  6. tomtipps

    tomtipps New Member

    I am having a similar problem. I was not getting updated contact info from Outlook through our Exchange Server when syncing up. The emails are working fine. I cleared all contacts in Outlook, reloaded them so all is clean on that side. I then deleted all contacts in my Galaxy S2 contact folder. With no contacts to display, I went to Accounts and sync, turned on Background data, Auto-sync, opened my Microsoft Exchange Autosync general settings and selected sync contacts and sync calendar. I then pressed "Sync now" and waited. I get the once green but now white sync icon appearing for a second and then it finishes the sync. However my calendar remains unchanged (new meetings and tasks not synced) and my contacts list remains empty.

    I believe there must be a sync log on the Android that must be deleted to tell the software to rebuild the sync log by pulling in all the contact data from the Exchange Server. Can anyone help with this?
  7. tomtipps

    tomtipps New Member

    Here is an update that worked. I deleted my Activesync Microsoft Exchange Server and then added it again and all is working perfectly. Apparently that is the reset to get the calendar and contacts populated and syncing up properly again.

    I carefully recorded all the account information before I deleted it, then re-entered the info and bingo--all works. Cheers!

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