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Contacts aren't removed from a group after editing

  1. Technorabbit

    Technorabbit New Member

    So I use the People widget for fast access to people I call often (listing them under the group Favorites), and was trying to remove some contacts from it today. I went into the contacts' info and unchecked them from the Favorites group, clicked Done and then Save. However, their contact cards still show them as being in that group. They also still appear on the widget. (I do not use groups for any other purpose, so the only contacts I have in ANY group are in the Favorites group for speed dialing.) When I go back to editing the contact it lists "none" on the drop down bar under groups, and when I click on it the Favorites group is not checked.

    I went back into the undesired contacts and re-added them to Favorites, saved, then went back in again and removed them from Favorites again, and saved again. This worked, until I unlinked my Dad's contact from his facebook profile, then the three undesired contacts reappeared on the widget and the whole rest of the problem came back. I tried adding them and removing them again with no success. I only have 7 contacts in the Favorites group, plus the three I am trying to remove. The three contacts are linked to their facebook profiles. They are gmail contacts.

    What do? Thanks!


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