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Contacts Database Size (Browse All)

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  1. EddieGreen

    EddieGreen New Member This Topic's Starter

    May 16, 2010
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    Loving my new HTC Desire having finally defected from Windows Mobile, and PalmOS before that.

    After 3 days I had already run out of application storage memory, having got used to just sticking stuff on the SD card even if I didn't use it on my Touch Pro! However by deleting stuff I don't use it is not a problem - I have 50mb out of 150Mb free now. Considering rooting, and custom Roms but not yet.

    But I notice that my Contact Database takes up about 10Mb. Is this normal. I have about 300 contacts and most of those are just email's from Gmail.

    Great Forum, been reading lots of stuff.


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