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  1. Ugens

    Ugens New Member


    I have been using a Samsung Ace for a couple of months now and I'm generally pretty happy with it. I also have a iphone 4 as I am abroad with work for an extended period and need to keep the two phone going (until I return next year).

    Today I've noticed that all the contacts that I have built up in my Samsung have disappeared, they've been replaced with contacts from Iphone for some reason. I synced my iphone to a new laptop last week and i think it may have screwed my outlook contacts which in turn has replaced all my contacts on my Samsung with the iphone contacts :(

    Did anyone else have a similar problem? do you know if it possible to regain the contacts in my samsung?


  2. Ugens

    Ugens New Member


    think I've solved the problem. Managed to find all the 'deleted' contacts on the sim card and I've now imported them back into my main contacts list.

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