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  1. GoNavy

    GoNavy Active Member

    Is there a way when you display groups (from the top row where where you have Call log-Contacts-Favorites-Groups) can you remove the tag System Group from "System group:My Contacts" and have it just say My Contacts, or Friends, Family etc...because it doesn't scroll so by saying System Contacts:Family or System Contact:Friends all you see is "System Contact:F... really irritating not knowing which is which, I already know it is a system contact really don't need to have that label repeated for every single group I have, do these programmer not ever actually use their product, because if this is an OS default, that is some pretty poor programming.

  2. dougggg

    dougggg Member

    if you tap and hold onthe group name you will get a menu to edit, delete or move to home, so you can change the group name to what you want

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