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  1. Aeryn

    Aeryn Member

    Hi all

    I've been seeing a lot of posts about duplicate contacts in the list when you try to send messages. This obviously links into "People" and if i select a contact in there for example, I can see 2 mobile numbers that are the same. Its obviously something I've done with importing etc and I've also linked my Facebook friends.

    What i'm wondering is if there is a decent application I can install on my PC which can link into my People list so I can manually edit them all to clear up any duplicates. Prob a long winded process but after 1 day with my new Desire phone, its irritating me a lot :D


  2. Moogle

    Moogle Well-Known Member

    I'm doing it on google (via my gmail account). I had a mixture of phone and google contacts, so I exported them all to my phone, then out again as google contacts - creating lots of duplicates - but once I've gone through them all on my gmail, I'll delete all from my phone and then allow it to sync again.
    A pain, but once done, hopefully awesomeness contactified.
  3. Aeryn

    Aeryn Member

    Thanks Moogle. I was wondering about that option although I was having difficulty sync'ing them from the phone up to my googlemail. Will give it another shot later. I'm hoping it will resolve that annoying thing where you try to send a text and get multiple entries. :)
  4. Moogle

    Moogle Well-Known Member

    I had to export to SD card and then reimport as google contacts before they'd sync with my gmail account... maybe that's your issue?
  5. Aeryn

    Aeryn Member

    Yep that seemed to help a lot so cheers! :) The only duplicates I have now are in messages and they are all my facebook contacts. Doesn't seem to make any odds whether i link them any to the contacts or not tho :D
  6. Gordo65

    Gordo65 Member

    Surely there is a program you can run on the PC that lets you edit the contacts on your android phone. Would make things so much easier.
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    For some odd reason unfortunately, when you access "people" via the SMS app, you will see a contact point (number, email etc) for every contact in every directory.

    For example:

    Dave has google contact with tel and email, linked to face book with tel and email...

    You get 4 in the list:

    Mobile: 077xxx


    Mobile: 077xxx


    Its just the way it is.
  8. Gordo65

    Gordo65 Member

    Contact m,anagement in Android phones is very poor. And if you dare to criticise it, Android lovers say "Sync with gmail". Well it also does a poor job of managing contacts. Android phones need to be provide contact management software that you can use on your PC when connected to your phone.
  9. o.maille

    o.maille Member

    If you have a lot of contacts the only way to edit on pc is excel;
    import everything into google contacts, export to outlook .csv then write you macros, expressions and highlight duplicates.....
    It's far from ideal but it is a very flexible way to edit all details EXCEPT notes (where many of my contacts are hidden)

    The android phonebook is not a good place to edit contacts, link but no merge etc..
    The google contacts pages is far better than outlook etc. but still far from perfect, needs inverse selection, duplicate numb and e-mail detection, automatic company groups to name a few
  10. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

    Take a look at MyPhoneExplorer which is free
  11. peter7769

    peter7769 Well-Known Member

    PLUS 1 , this program is great and is so easy to use, i love the fact that i can connect to my phone via wifi and transfer stuff to & from the phone.

    Cant believe its free, although there is a reminder to maybe give the developer a donation. ;)

  12. kenmullins

    kenmullins New Member

    MyPhoneExplorer worked outstandingly for a about a day then crashed, corrupting and duplicating most contacts. I liked it so well I un-installed, then re-installed -- same thing only the second time it crashed it just a couple of hours.

    Running Samsung SPH-D700; Android 2.2
  13. cats_five

    cats_five Member

    Which version were you using? from their website:


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