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Contacts & facebook updates issueSupport

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  1. jimeller

    jimeller Well-Known Member

    When i use the "people" application and click on updates via facebook i get a list of the latest updates and events from my facebook friends. Thats great IMO, but do i really need to know birthdays of people who i hardly know??

    Ive tried to reconfigure all my contacts so their birthdays do not appear in my events list, but they keep on returning....

    Is there a way of turning this off completely, as i dont send many birthday cards out...........:cool:

  2. bodger

    bodger Member

    I may have misunderstood, but when you first add a contact and link them to Facebook, you get the option to save their birthday. If you deselect that, your problem should be sorted :).

  3. jimeller

    jimeller Well-Known Member

    Yep tried that but it just resets them back in. It could be a Facebook issue. I'll have to look into it on their website.
  4. jimeller

    jimeller Well-Known Member

    Had a play around and discovered that this problem occurs when you turn off the phone and back on again.
    I edited the contacts not to include birthdays in the events box, then turned off the phone. when i turned it on again and checked the updates in my contacts list, peoples birthdays were included again. grrr!
  5. Gridgiver

    Gridgiver New Member

    I haven't figured out the birthday thing yet, but along with that, I get updated every time a FB friend updates photos. Anyone have any idea (short of signing out of FB all together) how to edit what updates you get? Be nice if I could do it by contact.

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