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  1. thebullforever

    thebullforever New Member

    Some kind of update pushed to my phone and now when I go into contacts it shows "phone" "call log" "contacts" and "favorites". It used to say "groups" where "favorites" is now. The problem is when I added people to my groups it took them out of my contacts list and now I have lost a ton of phone numbers that I had grouped up into different categories. I need to recover these. I dont see how they could be deleted but I keep searching through options and I cant find any way to make the groups option pop back up again. Does anyone know of a way to make these come back? Im gonna have to call my provider if no one on here knows and sprint service from what I have encountered with it so far, sucks.

  2. jime2ct

    jime2ct New Member

    I thought I lost all of my contacts after the upgrade. I found them. Maybe it'll work for you.
    Go to 'Contacts'.
    Hit 'Menu'
    Tap 'Display Options'
    Scroll down, if you have a gmail email address listed, tap it to open it, then you should find... 'System Group: ........' Check all of those and hopefully you'll find what you're looking for.
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  3. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    If your referring to the groups you could create I think it what Jime2ct posted though should help.
  4. thebullforever

    thebullforever New Member

    Yeah well apparently not. See I got this phone to be a PHONE. Apparently droid just assumes you have a gmail account set up. I did not set up a Gmail account until AFTER I purchased my phone and had set up those groups. So I call a tech and ask them and they go "your contacts are backed up in gmail". Yeah, no, mine arent. So droid just totally deleted all my contacts that I had set up in groups and ones I didnt and left in the "contacts" folder remained on my phone after the update. I cant believe that whoever designed this update would just totally delete a functionality of the phone and "assume" that you had all your contacts and groups backed up in google. Unbelievable.
  5. thebullforever

    thebullforever New Member

    Nope, unfortunately it didnt as described above. I see what hes talking about but those groups have no contacts in them. The ones I made are gone and all the contacts in them with it. It only saved the contacts I left in my contacts folder on the phone. It was like instead of "grouping" the contacts it physically moved them to a different area and that area wasnt saved in the update or backed up anywhere. I cant believe how lame this is. I have to take my phone to the store with my old sim card to re-load my contacts from my old phone.
  6. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    I hate to play devils advocate but that is why the use a google account to sync your contacts. Once you signed up for the gmail account you should have synced your contacts after creating your groups and it would have likely saved. I do know that it should have been more thought out to import all data from the previous version with touchwiz and its features. I wish this wasn't a bad experience for you as the phone seems much better now overall.
  7. thebullforever

    thebullforever New Member

    Well to be fair I never imagined information I had saved into my phone would be deleted by a phone update. Had I been aware anything like this could have happened you can bet I would have taken steps to avoid it. I figured once it was saved in my phone, it was saved until I updated/changed/deleted it. Apparently this isnt the case with Android phones.
  8. Filard

    Filard New Member

    Hi guys,

    I am very new to the forums and I have a friend who just got the Intercept and is having this problem described above. She cannot figure out how to create a group. I read the other posts in this thread and I am not sure if it was answered. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks..

  9. jowilker

    jowilker Member

    John, Don't know how this would work for you, but I do everything to my Google accounts from my pc, and just use it on my phone.

    You are logged in to the same account. It's probably my age, but the larger everything of the pc is more appealing to me.

    See if she can do what she wants from a full size site.

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