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  1. funksplutter

    funksplutter Active Member

    I've got a Galaxy S and am really pleased with the phone generally except...the contact management is really frustrating.

    In particular I can't seem to sync my Google contacts groups. The contacts themselves sync ok but they are all grouped under Google in the groups dialogue. There doesn't seem to be any way for me to add them to groups I create on the device or to get the groups that are in my Google contacts to display. Annoyingly if I try to create a group on the device with the same name as a group in my Google contacts it tells me that a group of that name already exists even though it won't display that group on the phone.

    Am I missing something obvious?

  2. keiki

    keiki New Member

    Yup. Me too. Galaxy S on Day 1. Same sync frustrations
  3. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Nope. There doesn't seem to be a way to make groups using gmail contacts. Perhaps if you make an identical contact in phone mode and connect the two together, you will be able to add them to groups.
  4. funksplutter

    funksplutter Active Member

    That's a pretty poor implementation by Samsung. I got my wife an HTC Desire and groups synchronise fine on that. Coupled with the on-going GPS problems this has slightly soured my experience with what is otherwise a great phone.
  5. Space Cowboy

    Space Cowboy Well-Known Member

    Its actually pretty poor planning when the carrier dont even have the software to transfer data when the phone sales begin.
  6. hayesb2

    hayesb2 Member

    I'm having this exact same problem on the Captivate...
    The entire reason I switched to Android was because of the Google cloud feature. And now it seems as if Samsung has crippled one of the best features Android has going for it???

    Please tell me someone out there can write an app or figure out a fix for this..
  7. funksplutter

    funksplutter Active Member

    And if you save a new contact to the phone there is no option to copy that to your Google account. Grrr.
  8. hlim168

    hlim168 New Member

    I also have problem with groups in Contacts App. I downloaded Contacts GroupU from Android Market, seems to work fine. Just a temporary solution, hope Samsung can correct the problem.
  9. thomashawk

    thomashawk New Member

    I'm having the same problem as well. I also cannot see my favorites anywhere on the contacts section of the phone.
  10. homer132

    homer132 Member

    +1 same problem. Hope this is fixed in 2.2.
  11. crannaford

    crannaford New Member

    I have a new Samsung Galaxy S and have the exact same problem. But even more serious is that my calendar will not sync back to google calendar. Google calendar sends new entries to my phone almost instantly, perfect! but any entries I make to my calendar in my phone DO NOT sync back to google calendar. I've discovered many people with the same problem.

    No wonder the iPhone sells so well...

    I'm quite annoyed that I've wasted a day trying to sort out the simplest of issues like syncing with google.

  12. MadMax2k

    MadMax2k New Member

    Just ran into that Group issue while configuring my NEW phone. Now I see my calendar doesn't update if I place an appointment on my phone? Come on Samsung my old G1 did this flawlessly. My phone is my business so the groups and calendar are used daily. Plz fix this. Almost feel like sending the damn thing back. Great phone otherwise!!
  13. MadMax2k

    MadMax2k New Member

    I found a solution for the Calendar Sync issue. Basically, someone suggested that you changed the starting dates of all my recurring events to 2010.

    Since I have done that, the Galaxy updates perfect. Now on to fixing this Group issue!

    Kept searching and found the solution here: Need Help Syncing Calender Sams. Galaxy S 9000 - Android Forums

    Enjoy my fellow Droids!
  14. trdd

    trdd New Member

    My GF has an Eris on Verizon - A2.1 and has groups.
    I have a NexusOne on Telus - A2.2 and do not have groups.
    As far as I am aware, the lack of groups is related to A2.2 not a particular phone.

    I use Oulook and Gmail. Exported from Outlook .csv for Windows and imported to Gmail Contacts without a hitch.

    I would expect the next Android upgrade to rectify the lack of groupies...
  15. funksplutter

    funksplutter Active Member

    The SGS is on 2.1 and I have no groups. I'd assumed it was Samsung's software that was at fault.
  16. trdd

    trdd New Member

    The plot thickens...
  17. labyrinthian

    labyrinthian New Member

    No groups on ATT Captivate (Samsung Galaxy S) on Android 2.1. ARGH!
  18. shideon

    shideon New Member

    Same here on Galaxy S, Android 2.1. First thing I found about the phone that I don't like. And the fact that I can't view gmail messages by "All messages". It's just the Inbox but I often label something and have it skip the inbox although it's still important.

    C'mon guys!
  19. shideon

    shideon New Member

    Anyone, anywhere know if this is something to be fixed in 2.2?
  20. 2ndHalfCor

    2ndHalfCor Well-Known Member

    Very frustrating. Doesn't work on my Vibrant either. (Also didn't work on the HTC T-Mobile Slide). Not sure these phones were intended to be business phones, but they should be.

    I need to be able to keep my contacts in groups, or categories, or something, so I can separate them out. Has anyone come up with a viable work-around?
  21. hayesb2

    hayesb2 Member

    I can confirm that while groups does show in 2.2 and it shows the correct contacts within the groups, when you actually select a contact it loads a completely different contact. NO JOKE. Can you believe this? Been confirmed multiple times through a number of sources...So its still useless in 2.2

    How can something as critical as contacts on a phone be so screwed up????
  22. darthkir

    darthkir Member

    iphone dont sync to the cloud at all... and they have been on their 4th generation already... give samsung sometime, nothing is perfect... in fact they have done so amazingly well on this first time already...
  23. fporter

    fporter Member

    On my Captivate I have the same no groups issue in the stock android contacts app. But when i installed these three apps (i installed 3 to evaluate them):
    Contact Group Manager
    It became apparent that the group data is sync'd from google to my android phone because on first launch of each app the group info appeared with correct contacts in each group as I had set up on google. Each app has its pros and cons.

    One biggie for GangBook (in the lead for me in general too) is that when tapping save after using the stock android new contact form to create a new contact, focus is returned to GangBook which pops-up a list of groups with radio buttons so that the new contact can be assigned to a group. The other two do not do this. In fact Groupy didn't even have an obvious way to create a contact. Contact Group Manager would allow me to create a new contact, but i'm not sure where it went and there is no search function in CGM.
  24. contumeliousness

    contumeliousness New Member

    I have just seen on a Galaxy S Fascinate running 2.1 you can sync individual google groups. The problem is not specifically due to 2.1.
  25. fporter

    fporter Member

    In the stock Android calendar app you can see groups? Groups sync'd from google contacts, not groups created in your phone memory?

    By installing other contact apps I can see that the groups were actually sync'd to the phone but I can't get them to appear in the stock calendar app.

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